When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Soulmate

When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Soulmate

Partners will come and go but we will hold on to our best friends forever and ever.  A soulmate comes and he or she is not just a romantic partner, but they will be your best friend.  They will be the person that you share all of your secrets with, possible sex, romance and maybe even marriage.  You will see that your life is never the same and that they are your true friend.  This type of relationship is more than most people can imagine.

A soulmate is someone that tells you secrets, someone that you naturally connect with.  Many people are lucky to have friends like this and these soulmates will become your best friend.

First Meeting

The first time that you meet them, you will know that you are meant to be around this person.  You will naturally connect and feel like you have known them forever.

Asking for Help

When you have to rely on someone for something important, this can help you bond with that person.  When this happens with your soulmate, you will forever be bonded with them.  Not just because you are vulnerable, but because you know that it will be handled with care and that when you are hurting or in need, they will be there for you.

If you need real advice or just someone to be there for you, your soulmate will help you just because they love you.

Spending Time with Them

When you meet your soulmate, you will want to spend all of your time with them.  You will never get enough of them.

Other Child

You will be around your soulmate so much that his or her parents will refer to you as “the other child.”

Serious Talk

When you talk to your soulmate, they will not judge you or be rude to you just because you have an opinion.

Staying In

You will see that you get enough entertainment just sitting around the house and watching TV and eating takeout.

Opening Up

You will share all of your childhood memories and things that have bothered you with your soulmate.  You will open up to them like no one else and you will tell all of your secrets and the things that you have kept from everyone else.


Not only will you tell your soulmate everything, you will also tell them your deepest, darkest secrets and your fantasies.


You will find that you want to talk to your soulmate all the time and you will send texts and emoji’s all day long.

Calling Them

Your soulmate will be the first person you want to call when you hear something.  They will have your whole heart and soul and you will want to tell them everything.

Defending You

When you aren’t around, your soulmate will defend you.  If someone is complaining about you or talking bad about you, they will not let them, and they will give you a good name.

When They Defend You

When you find out that your soulmate defended you, you will now you met a good one.  Plus, you would defend them the same.

Doing Nothing

You will enjoy all of your time with your soulmate, even doing nothing.  When you are riding in the car or watching tv, you will realize you have sat there all evening and done nothing.  This is because you are comfortable with them.


People will accuse you of being in a relationship because you are always together.

I Wish

When people accuse you of being in a relationship, you will wish that it was true.  Maybe someday you will even marry them.