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Make Your Chakra Energy Stronger with Reiki

Make Your Chakra Energy Stronger with Reiki

If you understand meditation and chakras, you know that it is important to have your chakras strong and energized. Did you know that you can bring power to your chakras by doing Reiki meditation? Reiki is from the universe, and it will give you peace in your life. Chakras are the parts of your body that are full of energy. These are wheels of energy that keep your mind, body and soul working correctly. When you take time and you do Reiki meditation upon these energy centers, you can heal them and bring energy, peace, and love to your life.


Reiki is a healing technique or a spiritual healing therapy that comes from Ancient Japanese times. This is something that can help you to have your energy flow correctly and it can give you the energy that you need to have life force energy. This is invisible energy that goes throughout your body.

The word Reiki are two Japanese words that are put together, the first is Rei which means how the universe transcends with the spirit and the second is Ki which means how your life force energy flows. This is kind of like looking at Prana or Chi and is a universal energy where the practitioner will put their hands on themselves or others in order to heal them.

Reiki Meditation

Reiki meditation is combining Reiki and meditating. By doing this, you can let your body have relief from pain and other things. This happens when someone puts their hands on certain parts of your body, or they visualize healing coming to you. Reiki is considered a new age or an alternative medicine.

According to ancient philosophers such as Plato, he believed that in order for the body to be healed that the soul had to be healed first. He believed that holistic medicine would work to make people feel better overall and this is what Reiki is.

Getting Energy to Your Chakras with Reiki Meditation

Life is so busy and stressful at times, and it is often that we come across negativity in people and places that we go. The chakras take this energy, and it can cause blockages in your body, mind, and spirit. When the energy is not moving how it is meant to, it can cause there to be sicknesses or mental illnesses in your body.

Reiki meditation helps to get rid of blocked energy and it helps to keep the energy moving correctly. When the energies flow through your body like a wheel, you will be able to get rid of negativity and blockages in your life and more importantly in your chakras.

Each chakra is important and if one is not working then it messes up the whole chakra energy system.

To make your chakras work best, doing Reiki meditation can help. You need to find a place to sit where you will not be distracted. Sit with your back in an up position and let the power of the Reiki energy flow from the top of your head and down.

If you are beginner at this, you can find a Reiki practitioner to help you either in person or online through videos. Reiki will not give you the energy healing through your body unless the Reiki Grand Master lets you prepare for a certain part of Reiki.

At this time, start deep breathing and chanting the word, “om,” while your body relaxes. Once you get to a place of relaxation, meditate from your root chakra all the way to your crown chakra. You can even put your hands on the different chakras as you meditate so that you can improve your healing. Whatever level of Reiki you are on, visualize the life force energy that Reiki gives you as you move through your chakras, touching them.

If you are a level 2 or higher, imagine that your Reiki symbols are inside of you and want to come out. Chant with the different chakras as you meditate to go deeper.

You can also visualize the different colors that the chakras have such as the root being red and then move on down. Imagine that the root is red and that this red energy if flowing through your root chakra. Then, move on to the heart, throat, third eye, sacral, Manipura and then to the crown and imagine the different colors as you move.

If you choose to, you can write down a goal before you start and you can have a clear mind on what you want to manifest through your body. Reiki meditation can help you to figure out what your goals are and work towards reaching them. Put your goals down on paper and then put them in a box and let the life force energy channel to that box. This can help you to be more positive and let the universe help you to manifest things faster. Sometimes you can even find online a “Reiki Wish Box,” and make a purchase to have one or make your own.

Crystals and Reiki Meditation

There are different crystals that can help you to increase your energy when you are ding Reiki or other kinds of meditation. Since the chakras are based on colors, finding the crystals that work with each individual chakra can help. But the Clear Quartz is one crystal that is a Master crystal, and it can work with all of the chakras if you don’t have a big selection. You can hold this in your hand while you are meditating and place it on the different chakras as you visualize the color going in and out.

Selenite is another crystal that is full of pure white light, and it can purify your life and help you to meditate faster and stronger.

Music and Mantras

You can use both soft music and mantras while you do Reiki meditation. This can help you to get into a deeper meditative state. You can listen to Tibetan singing bowls, waterfalls, rain or whatever gives you peace when you are meditating. You can also chant with mantras on top of the music that you choose.

Reiki meditation is a way that you can find the answers to your body and the problems that you are facing inside. When you are meditating, talk to the universe, get into a deep state, and ask your guides to help you and to show you the right things to do in your life. Let them support you and give you messages that can help you to live a better life and help you to surrender to the power of the universe.

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