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Honeymoon Phase

What is the Honeymoon Phase?

The honeymoon phase is the beginning stages of a relationship. This is the time in the relationship that people have fun, and they can’t get enough of each other. This is when your brain is open to new things, and you cannot wait for your partner to love on you and to kiss you.

This is a great time, and it can be the time where people begin to really fall in love. But the problem is, when this part of the relationship ends, things can get hard.

What is the Honeymoon Phase?

This is the time where the relationship starts. This is when you cannot stop missing each other and when you cannot get enough of each other. You are interested in each other, and this is the idea that you are truly in love.

You are sure that you have met the person that you are meant to be with and that you have hit the ultimate prize. You don’t worry that you won’t be together forever because you feel like you will.

How Long Will This Last?

The honeymoon phase normally can last up to three years. This is a time where you are madly in love with each other. You can keep the honeymoon stage to keep going if you try to do things the same and keep the excitement.

How to Know You’re in the Honeymoon Phase

A honeymoon phase is being in a new relationship. It is when the relationship seems perfect. You wait for your partner to message you back and you get excited when you see them. Here are some signs that you are in the honeymoon phase:

  • You have a strong attraction: You feel that this person is the best person ever and they bring you pure happiness. Even if they touch you, you feel that electricity. You want to be with them every step of the way.
  • You never have enough time with them: No matter how much time you spend together, it never seems enough. You are having hormones that are making you feel infatuated with this person. This gives you a mental high.
  • The energy in the relationship keeps increasing: You can’t stop thinking about them and you feel adrenaline every time you are around them. You keep the energy strong.
  • They make you smile: They make you smile every time you are with them. They make you feel giddy and like a school girl. You aren’t smiling just with your mouth but with your soul.
  • You make out often: You are always wanting to touch each other and to be close with each other. You have moments where you feel better than life itself.
  • Your focus is strictly on them: You want to pay attention to everything that they do. You notice nothing except them. You are connected in a passionate and loving way. You stay focused on everything that they do, and you want to give your whole life to them.

When the Honeymoon Phase Ends

Once the honeymoon phase ends, this is a time you really become a couple. This is the time where you will have a deeper connection. Couples at this point should be relaxed with each other. They know your vulnerability and your weaknesses, and you are still important to them.

After the Honeymoon Phase

When the honeymoon phase ends, you will see the changes of each other. You won’t experience the intensity of the relationship and you will not be blinded by your thoughts and feelings. You will know your partner and you will see that things aren’t exactly like you thought.

Here are some signs you are out of the honeymoon phase:

  • You begin to notice their flaws: These things can be annoying to you.
  • The nagging is happening: You realize they aren’t meeting the expectations you have.
  • You don’t care to look your best anymore: You might come out with your hair a mess and no makeup on, and you don’t care.
  • This is a time that you don’t spend as much time together: You don’t balance all of your time to be with them. You spend time with others instead.
  • You are super comfy with each other: This can be a problem because you are no longer watching what you say or do.
  • You are confident in your relationship with them: You know that you are together, and you know that you are important to them. You don’t worry about the relationship ending and you aren’t anxious about it anymore.

Making the Honeymoon Phase Last

The honeymoon phase can last as long as you try to make the relationship stay exciting. It takes work to be in a relationship and you have to keep the intensity alive. Pay attention to your partner and make sure that you are connecting with each other.

Enjoy each phase of the relationship and make sure that it is always special. Staying forever in the honeymoon phase can be exciting but you can keep this alive even if you leave that phase. Keep yourself and your partner happy so that the relationship can last.

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