Understanding Reiki


Do you need some kind of physical or emotional healing from a trauma that you experienced in your life? Reiki is a practice that can help to heal your life-force energy and it can be done by human beings. Humans, plants, animals and organisms are full of energy and when Reiki is used, it taps into the energy to make changes for the organism that are good. If a person has pain in their body or mind, reiki can sometimes help them.

Understanding Reiki

Reiki works when a practitioner uses their own bodies in order to transfer their own personal energy into the clients energy. This energy is considered the life-force and they are able to look at the situation and see what is causing the client to feel bad. They can put their hands over the part of the body that is sick and as they move their hands, it changes the energies. This can cause the person to feel better.

There is also spot treatment that can allow the practitioner to help to fix the energies in one specific spot. This is sometimes even called Reiki distance healing. This can be done even if the person is not in the same area.

Positive Energy

One think about reiki is that it will positively charge the energy field and this can help the client to get rid of things such as stress or anxiety. Other mental disorders can be looked at and the energies can be changed from negative to positive. This happens when the energy flows out of the body.

It is important for the client to accept the treatment and if someone is not open to it or they have a mental block then the treatment will not work. Reiki can bring life to your energies and a skilled reiki master can prepare for the treatment with guided meditation.

Where Did Reiki Come From?

Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. He was a Buddhist and would practice different Japanese practices such as swordsmanship. He was educated and he became interested in medicine and the spiritual world. He wanted to find ways to heal people with touch and energies.

Usui wanted the methods that he did to be secular though so that someone didn’t have to be spiritual in order to use the treatment. Mrs. Takata visited Dr. Usui to get a treatment of Reiki and she loved what it did for her. She started studying this treatment and started the practice back in the United States in 1920. Reiki has been a spiritual and healing technique for people all over the Western world.

Reiki Now

Reiki is the same kind of treatment that was around when Dr. Usui created it. This is something that is still done today. Reiki has different treatments depending on what the person needs and some will use their own style.

The same kind of energy movement and energy fields are there but the practitioner might help to find what is ailing the client in a different manner. Some will move their hands fast around the body and some will concentrate on one area. Some will use reiki as part of other treatments such as therapy or medicine. Reiki is a way that the world can experience energy healing. Reiki can be used on its own or with other treatments.

Principles of Reiki

There are five core principles of reiki that Dr. Usui would use. These help to focus on how the person lives and the different things that they need to do in order to change. Each of the principles will have a statement that says, “just for today,” showing that when someone wants to change for the good that they can take small steps and get there eventually. Everyone has to face what they have in front of them one step at a time if they want to make it work out. Reiki can be used with these statements including:

  • Just for today I will not worry. People are often stressed, and this can cause them to have physical and mental disorders. Dr. Usui taught that people can find peace inside of themselves and leave the stress behind.
  • Just for today I will not get angry. Those that get angry fast can have health problems. Learn to breathe in and out when you are upset and let these feelings go.
  • Just for today I will be thankful. Being thankful can help you to be more positive. It can help you to focus your energy on what you are happy about in life.
  • Just for today I will be honest. Life is better when people are living an honest life. The Law of Attraction says if you put positive things in the universe, it will come back to you.
  • Just for today I will be kind. Being kind can help you to create positive energy for yourself and for others.

Science and Reiki

Reiki is a kind of treatment that is used for medical purposes. Science looks at reiki as a treatment that helps people to be more mindful. This can help people to get rid of stress and to learn to be patient in things going on in their life.

Those that are getting medical treatments like chemotherapy will often choose reiki to help heal their energy and give them calmness. This can help to reduce stress and to make someone feel better in their spiritual being.

Benefits of Reiki

There are many benefits of reiki such as:

  • Increasing the energy flow.
  • Reducing negative energy.
  • Helps get rid of blockages.
  • Gets rid of stress and anxiety.
  • Gives mental clarity.
  • Helps to feel more connected to the universe.
  • Gives an understanding of energy.
  • Helps them to be more in tuned spiritually.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Moves the flow of energy through the body.
  • Shifts the energy.
  • Creates balance.
  • Redirects the energy.
  • Leaves the body in harmony and balance.
  • Promotes mental clarity.
  • Gives a peaceful state.
  • Helps people to be calm.
  • Helps people to cope.
  • Disconnects from past negative issues.
  • Disconnects from future issues.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Fights against depression.

Doing Reiki on Your Own

People often wonder if you can do your own reiki treatment and this is true. The same hand placement can be done on your own body. The person needs to be in a position that is comfortable that allows them to move their hands around.

Doing reiki on your own will not do the same exact thing as going to a practitioner but it can definitely make you feel more tuned into your own emotions and feelings. You never have to be alone when you are wanting a reiki treatment.

Doing your own reiki can help you to connect with yourself stronger. It can help you to feel better in your energies and to not feel as sad or depressed if you are suffering. Doing your own reiki can help you to have a calm mind and give you more inner wisdom. This can also help you to connect and balance yourself in your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. As you feel the calmness come to you, you will be thankful for what your energies give you.

Reiki and Animals

Reiki can be done on animals. Animals have strong intuition, and they are receptive to energy healing. They will respond naturally to reiki treatments that humans give them. This can be used for animals that are anxious or stressed.

Doing reiki on animals can help you to have a better bond with them and can help you to exchange energy in their energy field. Reiki can be done, and this can allow you to connect with your animal on a new level. If your animal is suffering from trauma, this is especially helpful to get rid of negative energies.

Final Thoughts

Reiki is a calming treatment that can help almost anyone. It is there to help people to have the help that they need to make their energies stronger and better. Reiki affects your mind, body and soul and when you see a reiki practitioner, you will see that it can become part of your health routine.

Do you want to know more about reiki? If so, you can look online and find many resources that can help you. If you are a beginner, get the guidance that you need to learn more about reiki so that you can do it on yourself or even on your animals.