Attracting People Because of Your Energy

Attracting People Because of Your Energy

Do you ever go into a room and all the strangers around you surround you and want to tell you all about their problems both past and present? Do you have people that tell you about the problems that they have and the addictions that they have? These people have probably never told another soul about the things that they are telling you.

Think about how you would feel if people came up to you and started confessing crimes that they had committed or if they confess to crimes that other people have committed around them.

Energy Conduits

People that attract this kind of energy are often called energy conduits. These people are rare to find, and they are different because they make people want to tell them things, without ever doing anything.

Even though being this person is going to be rewarding to you when you go into another life, it can be hard to deal with because of the pain that people share with you. This is a person that is a psychic and they are able to look deep into the souls of everyone around them. This can be a place where you feel lost and stuck.

What is a Conduit?

A conduit is a person that is spiritual, and they change the feelings of the room around them. They are people that brings out both the good and bad that people have that are around them. This will be someone that will be able to see everything about your soul, the things that are hidden and the things that come out in the light.

If you have this personality, chances are that you are able to see the things inside of yourself that have also been hidden such as:

  • Childhood problems.
  • Abuse.
  • Addictive personalities.
  • Disorders.

The problem with someone that has this gift is that they often deny their own emotions and the anger and hurt that they have felt throughout their life eventually becomes a lead in their life. As they become a parent or a guardian to others, they often have a hard time dealing with their own issues. The conduit personality will not be the only person that is around you, but they will feel like it as you share your personal and dark secrets with them.

What Does a Conduit Do?

Even though the conduit is the person that is the listener, they become part of the problems that other people have. They are the ones that are there to hear things but then they are also the ones that have to carry the burden. They have to pretend that they are good until they start to remember all of the problems that were laid on them over and over again.

Sometimes, they are in a place where they have felt rejected by life and they isolate themselves because they need this alone time. They are also people that are often angry, and they are also emotional.

Sometimes it seems like people around a conduit are not able to help themselves with spreading what is going on in their life. The Conduit will be able to take the energy and make it go slower or faster and they are protected in their own spiritual self. They are people that often do work or spells and sometimes when they are around people that share things, they can get ill.

As a spiritual or energy conduit, when people come into your life, it will be a time in their life that they are going through something hard. They need someone to guide them to what to do next and the process can be hard. They need someone to help them to get over things that are hurtful or scary.

This could be someone that remembers being abused as a child and they need someone to give them light and to help them to face the loss. Or it could be someone that has just recently given up their addiction and they need someone to help them to keep moving forward.

Fighting The Work

It can be hard for some people to be a conduit. This is especially true if you are young and if you haven’t been doing spiritual work for very long. You might have to learn how to live through these things and learn to suppress memories that pop up after helping someone. It is easier for a conduit to hide their anger than to take it out on someone.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you are going through, if you find a conduit, they are the easiest person to express yourself to. You can scream at them, cry with them or you can talk to them. They are the people that will be there to guide you and to love you.

This doesn’t mean that they are fully changed and spiritual, it just means that they are learning about who they are and who the world around them is. They have let go of their ego and their pride and they are on a path in life that will help to make them purpose. What is your life path?