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Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships

If you feel that you are trapped in a cycle and as you heal that you are happy but then the relationship seems to be getting worse and causing your problems and heartache, then chances are that you are in a toxic relationship.

A toxic relationship are those relationships that make you feel that you do not know yourself and even when you dream, you feel that the bridges are burning.

Toxic relationships are negative, and they are full of complaints and pain and how you dwell on all of the wrong things.  Then you decide to become positive and you see that there is a change, but the problem is that there are always going to be people that resist you having change and seeing you happy.

Loved Ones

Loved ones are easy to understand, they love you and they are always there for you and when you have a problem, chances are they will come to your rescue.  They see your dreams and acknowledge that you have change but they get scared.

They feel that these changes will cause you to lose your goals and will cause you to get hurt and have people turn on you.  They believe in things like the law of attraction and they don’t know why you want to change.

When you start to change, it scares people that know you and love you.  Children will get scared and older people will get nervous for you.  If you have a lover, he or she might even think that you are planning to leave them because you are changing.

Throughout your change, some will leave, and some will survive.  There is nothing to be afraid of, change can be good.

Comfortable People

When you have people in your life that are comfortable, change can be damaging to them.  They will see that you are doing things for yourself and reaching your goals and they don’t want to lose you, so they are afraid about it.  They will attack you and be negative or talk about you.

These people are threatened by change and will become defensive.  They don’t mean to be toxic, but they need to learn how to respect you or you need to stay away from them.

The best way for this is to not worry if they accept your change or not but to set up your boundaries and set goals that will support you and will help you to know what to do.


People that have helped to guide you through life might change when you start changing directions.  Have you depended on them and shouldn’t they be acting happy when you are doing something better?  Why are they acting like you have hurt them or given up on them?

If you have this person in your life, chances are that they will talk about you or give you the cold shoulder.  They will try to persuade you by giving you peer pressure and drowning out your goals and dreams.

Children and teenagers are good at doing this and can insult each other or call them names but if it is an adult, they will be sneakier about it and will talk about you behind your back and try to break you down.

These people aren’t always toxic, they might be to you at some points in your life though if you are trying to make changes.  Don’t let them be toxic for you and don’t give them the power to take away your joy or the passions that you have.  You have to try to convince them but the best way to deal with them is to let them have their free choice.  Let them be who they are and try not to be upset about it.


When you are around these people that are toxic, you have to stop trying to let them control how valuable that you are.  You have to get away from the drama and try to distance yourself so that you do not fight with them.  They have to respect your choice.

Even if they have been with you for years or are your family and you love them, make these choices even for them.  In return, respect the choices that they make and do not let anger take over with your relationships.  Let karma take over and do what it needs to do.  Respect their choice and even if it means they leave you then you have to accept it.

This doesn’t mean you stop loving them, it just means that you don’t allow them to push you around or to stop you from reaching your goals.

What Does Toxic Mean?

If someone loves you and is toxic to you it means that they are someone that does not have honor for you or someone that is always betraying you.  They play games and they do not see how their actions affect your life or the things that happen to you.

Toxic people will always shift the blame and they will always try to put negative circumstances in your life.  Toxic people will always take you for granted and will put you down and follow actions that will cause you to make their life better and your worse.

Some friends that are toxic do not support you and will not see good in your dreams.  They will laugh at you and put you down and even when you are positive, they will not be kind to you and will judge you.

Some toxic people are sneaky and will tell you their dreams and will make you feel that you are who they love but they do not love anyone.  They ask you for your help but then they will take advantage of your time and leave you damaged and tired.  These are the people hat you cannot trust and you need to keep a safe distance from them.

Dreaming is important and it is something that can give you abundance and keep you happy.  People that dream have a higher frequency vibration and you do not want this to be put out.  Toxic people are always putting negative in your path and squashing your dreams.

When you give yourself the right to be happy then you will fight against these people.  Don’t let them pressure you into their sadness.


People that are toxic clients are ones that always ask for money and they don’t love you and don’t want you to reach them.  They don’t feel your value and think nothing good of you.

They don’t trust what you do, or their value and they don’t value you.  They ask others for opinions and refuse to see that you love them or care about them.  They will try to get you to come down on your prices if you are doing a service for them and they will come up late and not pay you on time.  They will take a long time to show you that you have worth.


Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to people but if you are with toxic people, it is what you need to do.  You need to get moving on your life and not hanging on to people that make you feel that you have something wrong with yourself.  Don’t worry if you will meet new friends or if you will be left alone.  If you are trapped in toxic relationships, it will hurt you in the end and you will never end up well.

Love them but leave them and don’t give your power away or your love to people that do not care for you.  IT is hard but you have the divine body and a gift to let you heal and have a good life.  Love yourself enough to walk away from people that are not nice to you.  No one deserves to be betrayed or to be treaded wrongly.  This isn’t about love; it’s about choosing to have joy in your life and happiness.

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