About Reiki Psychics

There are many factors in the world around us that affect our physical health. From the air we breath to the food we eat, the stress we have and the people we interact with, our physical bodies have reactions to these influencers, and sometimes in negative ways. Our skin, hair, behavior, and internal health can be dramatically changed by our circumstances and our mental and emotional responses to these challenging situations.

My name is Felicia Shepard, and I am a Reiki healer. At different points in my life I’ve been tired of being, well, sick and tired. I’ve tried traditional healing methods, massages, and medication, but it never left me feeling quite right. When I discovered Reiki, I knew that I wanted to share this practice with other people, in addition to implementing it in my life. I dove into this ancient Japanese practice and never looked back.

Reiki healing comes in many forms including massage and psychic readings. The practice is designed to promote balance and unblock energy flows that can result in physical and emotional ailments. A Reiki healer or psychic will put their hands on your head or torso, after which they will intuit what needs to be aligned in your chakras. After my first session, I already felt rejuvenated and knew that this was going to be an important part of my life.

In a Reiki psychic reading, the Reiki practitioner pictures specific symbols that are used to promote inner and outer healing. Setting this intention helps align and open up the chakras in your body. Stagnant energy is cleared out, giving the recipient a much-needed energy boost. Depending on what the Reiki healer senses in your body, sessions could last from 15 minutes to an hour and a half.

Reiki is non-invasive, which makes it perfect for people who are dealing with a variety of struggles. I wanted there to be a way to improve my emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being in ways that would promote healthy habits in my personal life.

I built this website as a resource for others who wanted to learn more about Reiki healing and psychic reading. There are many talented Reiki healers who can help you declutter and streamline your emotional and spiritual health, and you should choose one you feel comfortable working with.

If you are curious about Reiki and want to learn more, keep reading this website! Let us know if we can help you find what you are looking for.