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Karmic Lesson

What Is a Karmic Lesson?

People have both strengths and weaknesses and in numerology, you can know these things based on your birthdate. The progress and changes that you make will develop your life. Karmic lessons will show you what you need to learn along the way.

Each letter has a number assigned to it and so your name can give you a number. There are 9 different lessons that someone can learn, 1-9 that have to do with their name. If a number is repeated in your name, then it can mean that you have a passion that is hidden in your life.

Most people know what they are good and bad at but there are other things in your life that are often hidden such as emotions. You might also have secrets or desires that you have not shared with others. These might be things that you aren’t honest about. This means that you don’t have the internal freedom that you could have.

The different skills and talents that you have are part of your numerology and your name. These are things that you need to show you what you are good at in life and what you lack. These can be skills you lack.

People that are lacking 3 numbers or more have a harder life and they are not good with their social standings. As you get the qualities that you are missing, you will see that you can find happiness.

Lacking Number 1

If you are lacking 1 it can mean that you are missing out on opportunities in your life. Don’t be afraid to change and to find our goals.

Lacking Number 2

When you lack this number then you need to learn to accept rewards and praise. Set goals that are stood and work towards them. Appreciate a others and be a team player. Learn to say how you feel.

Lacking Number 3

This can mean that you are hard on yourself and if you don’t reach your goals then you will be hard on yourself. It can mean you are always comparing yourself to others and you are never happy with what you have.

Lacking Number 4

These people never know what they want in their life. They don’t know what careers to take, or they don’t know what they should do to get what they want. They are always looking for answers and for things that make them comfortable.

Lacking Number 5

A person lacking number 5 means that they are afraid to find out new things. They won’t go after things, but they will just let things pass them by. They don’t care about their experiences shaping them, but they hate change so much that it holds them back.

Lacking Number 6

When you lack the number 6 it shows you that you are concerned with your relationships. You don’t care about what happens around you, but you are open to your emotions, and you love to be around people that you care about.

You will take chances and you aren’t afraid to do new things.

Lacking Number 7

When you lack the number 7 chances are that you will feel trapped. You will know new things, but you will never feel that you can move to those things. You will know that people think things of you and sometimes it will be worse than you expected but you don’t even care.

Lacking Number 8

This is a time when you deal with your finances, and you have to save money and earn more money, but you don’t have the skills to get the money you need. You don’t know if your finances will ever get better, and you are often concerned with your flaws. You hate getting advice and being told what to do.

Lacking Number 9

When you lack the number 9 it can mean that you have a hard time understanding others. You don’t know how others feel because you have been spoiled. You don’t know how to give people new chances and you will do better if you learn to concentrate on fixing your own mistakes.

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