Understanding Long-Distance Reiki

Long-Distance Reiki

Those that practice reiki learn that there are different symbols that can be used when doing reiki and this can include distance symbols. You can use reiki to send healing energy across a space that you aren’t in. This practice is called distance reiki and can be done during a session and is considered long-distance reiki.

Why Use Distance Reiki?

Distance reiki uses a distance symbol, and it can be done for someone across any kind of space or even any distance. It allows a reiki practitioner to help to get rid of blockages out of their client and can remove these blockages from past, present, and future without being in the room with them.

Distance reiki is something that works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity which is an ancient law. This law says that everything is made of energy and when you use this law for distance reiki the session can reach into the energy field of the client across time and space.

Understanding Long-Distance Reiki

Anyone can use long-distance reiki and it can be sent to anyone all over the world, no matter where the practitioner is at. There has to be permission that is received in some kind of way and when a practitioner is not present, the work can be done with crystals, pictures, and other things.

Some practitioners will say that these things aren’t necessary because reiki energy can just be sent by sending out energies and thoughts to that person.

There are some people that don’t believe in long-distance reiki, but the truth is that there is energy links to people all over the world. These sessions have been proven effective and can be done over the phone and no matter what the distance is, reiki can help and bring relaxation, power and even joy to the person getting it.

Everyone has energy and everything is made up of energy. Because of this, the energy can be transferred. There is Chi, Prana, and Qi energy and this is in everyone that is alive and every other living thing.  Distance reiki can bring healing for others. If you are someone that needs to have healing, you can speak to a practitioner, and they can help you to find this healing in your body.

Final Thoughts

Reiki is a type of healing that is done through moving energies throughout the body. If you are someone that has blockages in your chakras, reiki healing is a type of healing that might be beneficial for you.

There are ways that you can get reiki healing long-distance by speaking to a reiki practitioner. Even if your practitioner isn’t somewhere close to you, they can do reiki healing over the phone and they can help you to feel better in your mind, body, and soul.