Emotions and Your Psychic Readings?


Emotions are things that can impact your life and the situations that are around you. You have to be concerned when you go for a psychic reading no matter what it is about. If you are calling about your relationship or your career, you need to make sure that you are in the right emotional state to get the outcome of the reading that is real.

When you talk to a reader, chances are that they will try to find out what kind of emotional state that you are in before they even begin. When a reader asks you to take a deep breath and relax, you need to do that.

The way that you feel during a reading can influence the energy that the psychic will pick up from you. It can also cause the other tools of divination such as the tarot tools to change what they are focused on.

When you feel that one answer is going to be the right answer then the reader will feel this. This is why sometimes two different readers can get a totally different reading on the same person. Having strong emotions when you are getting a reading can result in a false reading.

If you are someone that is very angry and you call in for a reading, chances are that you will have a blocked energy and you will not be open to the answers that the psychic wants to give you. You will not be able to hear what the spirit world is trying to tell you and instead your emotions will block anything that you are meant to hear.

When you are angry or sad when you call for a reading, you need to realize that your emotions are out of control and get them in control so that you can tear down walls that will help you to get a real reading. It is best to call for a reading when you have your emotions in check so that the reading can be more accurate for you.

Open Mind

Psychics have their own way of doing their readings and sometimes two of the same kind of psychics will do completely different readings. The reader wants to be accurate, but you have to allow this to happen. If there is news that you don’t want to hear about, chances are that the reader will know this. It will be hard to see the big picture when your emotions are out of whack and the reader cannot get past that.

Having a Good Reading

Here are some ways to have a good reading:

  • Make sure that you are calling when you are no longer attached to your emotions. If you have something emotional happen to you, wait until you are calm before you call.
  • Make sure you are mindful of what you are feeling during the reading.
  • Do not hold you breath and learn to breath. Doing this will keep you focused and calm and will help the reader to be able to read your energies.
  • Ask questions that are very specific. This will help the psychic to give you true and accurate readings.
  • Do not have questions to ask that will prove if your psychic is real or not. If you are skeptical, keep an open mind.
  • Be respectful of your reader and give them all of your attention. Do not be interrupted by calls or by the television during your reading.
  • Do not get one reading right after the other but space them out. Give your energy time to calm down before you do a second reading.
  • Listen to what you are being told after you ask a question. A good reader will give you the best answers that they can and interrupting them can cause the reading to be off.
  • Always be open minded. Readers are human and they make mistakes, and their readings are based on the energies that they feel.

Trusting Your Reader

Always have an open mind and an open heart when you are getting a reading. If your emotions are high that day, wait and get a reading after you calm down. A reader will try their best to read your energy but if your energy is high on emotions, it can be hard.

Trust your gut feeling and your reader to give you the best reading that they can give you.


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