Understanding Cosmic Love

Understanding Cosmic Love

Cosmic Love is based in the concept that each day, every person makes a unique decision about how radically love.  This involves what forms it takes, whom to love and how to promote it to the rest of the Universe.  It highlights the importance of love and how people recognize and experience it throughout their life.

Some people view Cosmic Love as the profound emotions we feel for someone we care deeply about, especially in a romantic lens.  To these folks, it harkens to emotions of such immense height that is feels unending or overwhelmingly captivating.  Others might see Cosmic Love as the effort to produce a love that is all encompassing and aspiring to become the most loving person in the universe.  Regardless, it speaks to the desire to love and be loved as a core component of humanity.

What basis for Cosmic Love exists in reality?

One can view Cosmic Love through the lens of Zen traditions or astrology as a means to gain enlightenment.  Zen strives to harmonize your energy levels with the Universe through an array of daily meditative practices.  Whereas astrology helps you understand the way you interact with the world around you.

Those who believe in God might investigate how Divine love relates to Cosmic Love since unlike love between people there is no perceptive of a transaction exchange. Both Divine and Cosmic Love are rooted in the concept that love freely exists in all things and is pure in nature.  Take for example the phrase “God is Love” and how it can convey God’s unwavering presence in one’s live, the Divine’s all-encompassing passion and empathy, and how love exists in all places at all times.

For those who live life to serve God, love may be viewed as transpersonal.  It is inconsequently the quality of your day since God will always provide blessings for you.  No matter how you refer to “God,” the concept of a benevolent entity dovetails with the notion of Cosmic Love.  This experience requires little effort to experience love since love that is spiritual drives your internal barometer of self-worth.  For example, you don’t need to “date” God to know Divine love.  You simply need to ensure the condition of your wellbeing through mindfulness and focus on your commitment to personal identity and spiritual growth.  Cosmic Love is the quest for eternal truth in both your spiritual and physical life.  It harnesses the spiritual energies the swirl among us and can imbibe you with a sense of deep love for yourself, euphoria and enhanced to connection to everything in life.

As you delve deeper into Cosmic Love, you’ll find it serves to heal and grow your essence rather that be an exchange of affection between two entities.  A love that is cosmic or eternal serves to remove any feeling of distance from another living or spiritual being.  You instead experience the strength and passion that resides deep in your core spirit.

Does Cosmic Love Endure?

Cosmic Love can have an astrological value which can predict how compatible two people can be in a relationship.  Although some may dismiss this notion, if two people can appreciate the way each other processes difference in beliefs, points of view or goals, then it could be seen as a test of compatibility.  For example, if a couple is trying to determine their connection, how they view Cosmic Love and how it aligns with one another’s view could be a key factor of their compatibility.

Sure, Cosmic Love is not the same things as romantic love.  But frank discussion on view points on Cosmic Love can be telling about how each other views spirituality.  Any couple who wants their love to last must balance the needs of physical intimacy with spiritual development.  Other factors of personality connections exist such as using knowledge, understand and belief systems to determine the strength of a union.  Although it seems natural to believe the one with are with romantic was “destined” for us, it is clear substantial work must bee accomplished by both partners to ensure a strong, healthy, and fulfilling long-term relationship can thrive.