Having a Cosmic Marriage

Having a Cosmic Marriage

Even if you don’t know it or realize it yet, your soulmate has already been picked for you.  Your soul already knows, even if you don’t and that is what your instincts will tell you.

The universe already has picked out your soulmate for you.  It might seem like you have known this person for your whole life when you meet them, and this is part of the cosmos.  You will always go back to each other, like a pull that cannot be stopped.  You have a commitment to them, and you have not even met them yet.

Even though that is hard to believe, it is the truth.  Never let your gut be ignored.  Your gut will tell you what you need to know and is wise to what is going on in your life.  This is your instinct, or your intuition and it will never lie to you.


If the cosmos is on your side, then why do your relationships always seem to end in failure?  The truth is, there is a time and a place for everything that happens, and everything happens for a purpose.  You cannot change how someone feels about you or make them love you.

You cannot make a broken relationship fixed and when there is a bond, you cannot break it.  If you try to fix a broken relationship, it will just continue to fail.

When there are relationships in the past that were strong and great at one point but ended up failing, this can cause strife and pain, but the truth is, this is a learning experience.  You learn to have strength and to move on.  You learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and what aspects of your personality are positive and negative.

You will gain a life lesson out of failed relationships and this is not the one you are meant to be, just for a time.  You will learn how to be able to love stronger and to have better relationships in the future.  You will learn to build each other up and to get past the relationships that have caused you to feel down on yourself or to cause you pain.

Finding You

If you want to be good to your partner and a good partner in the future, you have to find yourself.  You have to learn to love yourself and accept who you are both inside and outside.

We mess up and make mistakes and we deal with things in our life.  But we have yearned to find light in the tunnel, and we have found that light, but it just takes time and failures for them to be seen.

Heart Searching

After you learn to accept yourself, you will do what your heart tells you.  The person you are meant to be with will do the same and the relationship will be based on love and not fear.

You might have a partner that has to travel or wants to go out with his friends, whatever it is will be beautiful to you and will not be based around judgement or jealousy.

You might sit at home alone and snuggle up with a good book.  You might read the whole book or watch a whole season.  This is good because you know you can trust your partner completely to be where they are.

Your partner will be active and social, and you will have peace and security because you know that your commitment to them is real and from the heart.  You must trust each other in order to be comfortable and have a relationship that works.  When you are away from each other, you don’t end the relationship, it just gives you a freedom to have some space and distance.

Always being fearful or afraid of what they will do will add stress to you and your partner.


When there is a true connection, there will not be horror or failure in your relationship.  You will have romance and the heart will stay connected.  Society will want you to find love and you will already know that you found it.

You will see on social media that people are getting married and having babies all over the place and there will be longing for this and you will no longer have to worry about being alone.  You will learn to know your gut feeling and not to fear it.

Love does not require there to be things, it is a true heart connection that never has to be forced.  There will be proof of the love with small things and moments that make you confident and make you feel full. Embrace these things and know that you have found true love.