Attract Money & Love with Reiki


How does Reiki make your life better? How can I attract money and love with it?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the universal life force all around us and responsible for our very life. The name is of Japanese origin ‘rei’ meaning universal ‘ki’ life force. Various traditions had recognized this force in antiquity. The Japanese call it ki, the Chinese chi, the Indians prana, in actual fact all traditions have a name for this force whether apparent or not.

Reiki flows through us all the time whether initiated or not for it the very source of our life and consciousness. Realizing the power of Reiki lies in understanding this very fact for many of us just limit Reiki to a narrow field of action all because we haven’t expanded our consciousness to explore the limitless possibilities of this energy.

It’s All About Self-Healing

Learning how to attract positive things into your life is all about self-healing on the emotional and spiritual levels.

Here’s a simple “math”. If you do not experience abundance of love or money, then it means the flow of abundance into your life is blocked. Why is it so? What blocks are? Well, they are negative emotions, bad memories, negative beliefs about money or love, fear, worries, concerns, chaotic mind, distractions – all these things block the flow of abundance. If you wish to experience abundance in your life, you need to self-heal the things that blocks you. This can be done throughReiki. When all the blocks are gone, you begin to discover your own talents, natural abilities and skills – all the things that later on can be re-made into financial stability, for example by launching your own business.

And with the blocks like worries or fears gone, you begin to appreciate life. More positive emotions flow into your life, because the beauty was always there around you – only now without the blocks in your mind, your’re able to see it. Through healing, you see beauty and opportunities and the abundance that is already around you.

So, for example in case of attracting financial safety: first, you’re healing all your negative beliefs about money. Then, you develop your inner talents and abilities, that will help you make money, develop the feeling of self-worth, that will help you attract love, friends and, in the end, happiness.

And healing is done through the regular practice of normal and simple Reiki.

There is no Magical Reiki Symbol

The truth is that there is no magical Reiki symbol for money, nor is there a Reiki symbol for love etc. Sure, we may find such symbols associated with Reiki, but in most cases, they are parts of modern Reiki systems such as Gold Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and others. In the traditional way of Reiki we have only four symbols – CKR, SHK, HSZSN and DKM. None of these is meant specifically to attract money into our bank account.

There is simple no magical and fast way to use Reiki to attract money or love. There is only a longer path – the path of self-healing. But in case of spiritual healing, the fast paths never work in the long run, and the true healing takes time. Now that you have learned there is no magical way around here, you can begin to accept the fact that if you wish to attract money or love through Reiki, you need to spend a couple of months, sometimes even years, on working with Reiki to heal yourself.And when you’re ready to accept this, then Reiki will actually help you achieve your goals. 

Here are some simple affirmations you can use for Reiki self-healing:money

  • I, YOUR NAME, accept the flow of abundance into my life.
  • I, YOUR NAME, make money easily and with great pleasure.                    `
  • I, YOUR NAME, am OK with spending money.
  • I, YOUR NAME,accept love in my life.
  • I, YOUR NAME,allow myself to be perfectly healthy.
  • I, YOUR NAME, open myself for true friendship.

There are other ways to attract abundance with the help of Reiki.

7 Ways to Use Reiki to Attract Abundance

If you wish to use Reiki to attract abundance, then you can follow these tips and practices daily. With time – and yes, that means weeks, months and finally years – you will notice that your life improves.

  1. Work with healing affirmations – either with Reiki or without Reiki, the healing affirmations will work. I’ve published a couple of articles both here on ReikiPaths and on A State of Mind.
  2. Do self-Reiki often – with intentions of healing all that blocks you from experiencing love or wealth. And be patience, because once you set the intention and just let Reiki flow, this spiritual force will proceed with healing.
  3. Work with Five Reiki Precepts – whenever you experience negative thoughts or emotions about money or love or anything you wish to attract into your life, contemplate these things from the perspective of the Precepts. Contemplation can release more thoughts, memories or emotions that block the flow of abundance into your life.
  4. Read books on abundance, wealth and love – a lot of authors published books that discuss the ways we think about abundance, money or love. Some of these books are healing books, showing us our negative beliefs that must be healed, providing us with tips on healing, and showing us the positive things we should start believing.
  5. Work with the first two symbols – the CKR, and the SHK. Spend at least one year meditating on, and chanting these two symbols.  The first symbol is a grounding symbol. Part of the way it works is to ground us, and create the sense of material safety, which also deals with material fears. The second symbol helps us heal our emotions and negative mental habits, that also include negative beliefs or behaviors that limit the flow of love or abundance. It also helps us “open up our heart” which is important for those who wish to attract love.
  6. Create a Reiki Box – create a box. Then write your wishes or dreams on small pieces of paper and place them in the box. “Give it Reiki” each day, send Reiki into the box with an intention of achieving the dreams and goals and things you’ve wrote down on the papers. Each time you do so, recall these written goals and be thankful that Reiki helps you achieve them.
  7. Practice Reiki manifestation – a tutorial has been published on ReikiPaths, it’s a simple technique that unitlizes the Reiki symbols for self-healing and keep you focused on your goals and dreams.

There’s an important thing to remember – Reiki is a holistic practice. And abundance of love or money is a matter of holistic approach. That means you cannot really attract abundance into your life if you focus only on this little part of your earthly experience. You need to improve your life in general – diet, relationships, hobbies, physical body, spiritual beliefs and so on, so on. Reiki helps you do this, of course – Reiki heals every aspect of our lives. When we let Reiki do this, then abundance will manifest itself, because by healing your life in general, we open the gate, through which abundance actually flows.

When all the things above are kept in mind, then abundance of love, money, friends and positivity will begin to flow into your life.