6 Signs that Signal You’re a Lightworker

6 Signs that Signal You’re a Lightworker

Lightworkers are essential to helping to heal the planet in times of tragedy, chaos, greed and divisiveness.  They use their gifts in a variety of ways, such as reiki, acupuncture, medicine, activism, artistic expression, counseling and teaching.  Often lightworkers are not aware of their soul path, but are driven by a desire to help other and illuminate the darkness in the world with love and light.

If you think you or someone you love might be a lightworker, here are six common traits:

  1. Sensitivity

Lightworkers have a strong gift for empathy.  This can be expressed in a myriad of ways including emotional, physical and spiritual methods.  They can also become overwhelmed easily and have intolerances to types of fabric, sounds, sights, and foods.  Unfortunately, if they are around people with strong negativity, they can absorb this toxicity more readily.

  1. Draw towards spirituality over dogmatic religions.

Lightworkers have a desire for more fluidity with their relationship to the divine.  Also, more spiritual driven religions can be more tolerant with mysticism and metaphysical practices like clairsenses and divination work.

  1. Feeling like a misfit or seeming older than their years

Lightworkers have a tendency to not fit into the mainstream easily.  They frequently have a preference for being around older individuals and crave absorbing their stories or wisdom.  Although it can be difficult to feel “different” than other people, once you understand this distance helps gives you more clarity and perspective, you can begin to feel more peace.

  1. Gravitates towards nature

It might seem like if a lightworker feels upset or ill, access to nature is their best medicine.  Being in nature can help to slow down one’s breathing and help shift perspective.  Also, when a lightworker is around animals or nature for an extended period they can see the quiet ways the Divine works and feel the Universe’s energy flow more deeply.

  1. Psychic Abilities

Lightworkers are born with an innate psychic ability.  Whether a talent for tarot or rune reading, dreamwork or reiki, a lightworker has a drive to help people make sense out of chaos.  Also, lightworkers when face with crossroads are able to pull deep into themselves and access their inner wisdom and make decisions quickly that can best advance their self-growth.

  1. Quick Thinking and Acting

There is a sense of bravery and daring that is common with lightworkers.  They can think and act quickly because they have a close-knit bond with the Divine and intuitively trust they thing will work out for the best.  To them the Universe is their partner and not adversary in becoming more enlightened.  Frequently, lightworkers will get senses that it’s time to leave a job or relationship prior to facing extreme hardships, and ultimately these departures allow them to embark on new opportunities that benefit their lifestyle.

Being a lightworker is a blessing although it can be tough at times to process.  These people are bold, yet sensitive, strong yet gentle and can be intimating for people who are uncomfortable with shades of grey.  Lightworkers will still love and fight for all people, even those that don’t understand them.  Lightworkers are driven by righteousness, justice, community empowerment and unification.  It is their calling to actively make the world a better place, filled with more light and love.  Whether you or someone you love is a lightworker, it is important to promote and support this powerful work.