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Using Reiki

Using Reiki

Reiki is something that is popular with psychic’s and mediums.  It is a system of energy that helps to balance your energy and offers you a way of healing both in your physical and spiritual body.  You can use Reiki to help you listen and learn and if you practice enough, you can open yourself up to your psychic gifts and abilities.


Reiki is based on Japanese healing techniques.  Reiki can help to take away stress and can help you to relax better than meditation.  The practice is known to help you change your energy and where your energy is going to go and to go into another person by touching them.  This type of therapy can bring healing to someone’s body and mind by restoring the physical and emotional goodness.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki can help to open up your mind and the provider will make it so he or she uses natural abilities to make reiki work.  Reiki will help to take away different issues that you have that are keeping your chakra unhealthy or unbalanced.  When your chakra is unbalanced, it can cause emotional and mental pain and even cause you to be physically sick.

Reiki can help you to expand your gifts and can help you to balance your chakras and to remove energy blocks that you have.

Psychic Listening

When you have psychic attunement, it means that you are able to listen to the gifts and energy that comes around you and brings your chakra into balance.  When you listen, you can allow energies to bring you healing and the energies can go from the psychic to your body.  When these energies go into your body, they can treat sicknesses and diseases that you have and bring you healing powers.

Reiki and Psychic Listening

Reiki is a meditative technique that allows you to relax and smooth out your flow of energy.  When you are sensitive, you can get information about yourself and about other people.

When you are getting a reiki treatment, you can get energy and your psychic giver can also get energy.  You can do this online with a clairvoyant and that can help you to increase your intuition.  You might even start to see your own and other people’s auras when you do reiki.

How to Do Reiki

The first step to doing reiki is to have an online reading.  When you clear away the things that are causing you blockages, you can then get reiki.  Find a teacher that does reiki that is close to you and then schedule an appointment with them.

You can learn reiki and become a practitioner yourself and then you can help others to have better psychic gifts and powers.  Reiki helps you to have healing energies and when you do reiki, you can have healing.  Take time to practice your reiki and keep developing these gifts and improving your sensitivity.


Reiki is becoming a very popular form of psychic healing.  This is becoming a source of healing that is considered alternative healing. With this method, people can open up others to their own personal psychic abilities and they can grow in their gifts.

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