Working with Spirit Animal Energies

Spirit Animal Energies

Utilizing spirit animal energy has the potential to awaken powerful qualities that have been dormant in your life as you deeply connect with the natural world to create healing. Spirit animal energy is sometimes also referred to as spirit animal medicine and refers to connecting with a spiritual essence of a specific animal. Individual animals may appear in life to bring us messages or energy of their kind, but it is more about connecting the spiritual and energetic frequency of the animal. When people speak of totem animals or power animals it is referring to the same form of energy. These animals often serve as guides and correspond to our nature and qualities.

There are many times when we have a couple spirit animals that correspond to different levels of the self. Some believe a spirit animal remains with us for life, while others think they change over time as we change as well. Power animals are highly personal and are worked with in the ways in which it feels right. Connecting with the energy of spirit animals can be healing and attune us to a frequency that brings balance to our system. We can tap into what we are lacking and grow.

Choosing a Spirit Animal

There is no right or wrong way to choose a spirit animal, but a few ways are shared below.

  • Reference animal energy books
  • Use an animal oracle deck
  • Work with a professional to help you determine your spirit animal
  • Watch for the animals that repeatedly appear in your life
  • Ask your spirit animal to reveal itself through the universe

Working with Spirit Animal Energy

After your spirit animal energy has been decided, call on the energy that you want to work with through some of the following exercises.

  • Center Yourself – Relax your entire body through deep breaths that inhale good energies and exhale the negativity and thoughts
  • Call on the Energy – Ask your spirit animal energy to come into your energy as you relax
  • Ask for Help – Ask for help with the issue you are facing
  • Stay with the Energy – Sit silently and listen for the guidance that the animal spirit has to offer to you whether it is for an immediate or long-term issue
  • Try Meditation – This can be done in the way you are comfortable meditating by looking at a photo of the animal, asking the animal to reveal itself, making notes about what you learn and sitting with the energy, then repeating as needed

Working on the Fly

Pay close attention to the animals that have presented themselves to you. They can bring messages and reminders through your day. While not all animal encounters are spiritual in nature, those that are uncommon typically are in some form. That said, the animals we choose to keep company with daily, like pets, also have meaning. Pet choice says a great deal about a person and what they prioritize and value. These animals can also have messages for us, but when it comes to repeated encounters, wild animals are the most significant. Single encounters have some significance, but repetition is the most meaningful. These are not just animals in nature, but those in ads, on Facebook, or other places as well.

Spirit animals will find a way to share their messages in some way, even if it is not an animal common to an area. When you receive a message, interpret it in the following ways.

  • When you feel a particular animal energy, it is time to receive your message
  • Read about the animal energy
  • Connect with the energy and message
  • Follow your intuition
  • Think of the vibe of the message and find the personal part for yourself
  • Use angel number rules to read animal messages

When your message has been received, express gratitude from the heart and make an offering to the animal. If an offering to the animal is not feasible, make an offering to Mother Earth in some way.


  1. The methodology of identifying and working with spirit animals is clearly outlined. The instructions seem accessible for someone new to the concept.

  2. This article offers a well-rounded view on how to connect with spirit animals. The steps provided seem practical and easy to follow.

  3. Connecting with spirit animals as a form of healing is a thought-provoking perspective. It would be interesting to explore how different cultures approach this concept.

  4. The article does a good job of explaining the different ways to connect with spirit animal energy. It emphasizes the personal nature of these connections.

  5. The concept of spirit animals as guides is quite intriguing. It seems to offer a unique way of connecting deeper with oneself through nature.

  6. The idea that animals can bring messages or energy is fascinating. It’s a reminder of the inherent connection between humans and the natural world.


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