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Ways in which reiki helps aids in depression

Ways in which reiki helps aids in depression

Is depression treatable?

Is there a possibility of finding relief from depression without medication?

Understanding depression

According to my understanding, depression has frequently been misunderstood. Most of the times it’s treated as a defect or a personal problem.

Research indicates that it is how our brains develop during childhood that makes us suffer from long term depression.

Covering depression doesn’t work

Most of the times when we are not feeling well, we seek medical attention from the hospital or seek a more natural way to get rid of the pain. At times we use food or drinks to treat ourselves, it doesn’t work that way.

These distractions take less time and we end up having the same problem over and over again. They make us feel like failures because we don’t seem to have self-control.

Types of depression

The fact that we don’t understand well the problem we’re trying to solve is the reason why we have reoccurrence of depression. Different things cause depression and that’s why we need to study it before we create the solution we need.

There are chronic forms of depression which are caused by life conditions.

Situational depressions which are temporary like job loss or loss of a family member.

Chronic depression can make it hard for us to function since it changes how our brain works. It is as a result of unresolved problems that comes with childhood. It is hard for a person who has chronic depression to heal.  They make us feel like life is not worth living. Therefore, how can reiki help with all these?

How depression symptoms are eased by reiki

This is a hand on healing technique that transmits energy from the reiki to the person who is to be treated. The healer puts the hand unto the body then passes the energy to the reiki client. The vitality then gets into the body and goes to where it is needed.

This energy transforms the energy in the body of the individual receiving the treatment. All illnesses like depression are always in the energy body. They block the natural flow of energy. The things that block our energy comes from repressed feelings, poor sleeping habits, food, water, and other human problems.  They can also be as a result of stress and grief.

You can discover happiness through reiki

Reiki connects us with the flow of our energy. When we encounter it, we remember who we are and how we can be happy. We love ourselves more through it.

One of the benefits of Reiki is that it can be studied then performed on self. Several reiki specialists conduct everyday self reiki to heal their blockages.

It is nice to receive a reiki treatment. Being in touch with a happy part of yourself that you may not know when depressed. You can get off the road of depression by just studying and discovering your inner healer.

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