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Using Spells to Keep Spiritually Safe

Using Spells to Keep Spiritually Safe

Fall can be a quiet and eerie time. Some believe that this is a time between the Equinox and the Halloween veil that allows the spiritual world to come alive.

This is a time where spirits can come through and it is important that you know how to protect your soul and be strong.

Understanding Spells

A spell is giving something out to the universe that you want to have. This can happen if you are positive and if you are meditative. This can help you to have good intentions.

You can use things such as candles or crystals to help make your spell stronger. Make sure that you have good intentions when you cast your spell and that you are thankful to the universe for helping you.

Crystal Protection

Crystals are great for protection such as the Labradorite. You can find protection crystals at crystal shop and online.

These crystals are not only beautiful to look at, but they are there to keep you safe and grounded.

The Labradorite for example is one that is easy to find and cheaper. When you have this crystal, you can cleanse it by letting water run over it. Make sure that you ask the universe to cleanse it.

The crystal can be put in a drawer or on a desk and it can even be worn on your body as jewelry or use around your house to keep you safe. You can cleanse your area by smudging it with sage and by getting rid of negativity.

Imagine that the crystal is protecting you and putting good energy around you. The crystal can help you with your magic and help you to get rid of anything that is negative in your life.

Touch your crystal and allow it to absorb any negative thought or energy in your body and carry it with you when you feel you will need it.


Herbs have special power and will keep you grounded and strong. You can use basil or other herbs in your rooms and you only need a handful. You can also grow herbs and use them to keep your home safe or eat them.

These plants have high vibrations, and they will leave your home smelling good. Keep your herbs healthy and know that the universe has given you these to grow.

Put basil in each of your rooms so that you can have good health and make sure they are in the sun so you can be protected.

Evil Spirits

There can be evil spirits that come into your home and body and you need to get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions to keep yourself safe. You may feel unfriendly spirits in your home, and you might feel that your home is cold or strange.

You need to get a bell or a singing bowl and make sure that you put a protective light around your house. Let the vibration fill your home and make your energy strong. The vibration can help you to have light and to be safe.

Make sounds and dance around your house and sing. Doing this can affirm your space and take-out negative energies in your home.

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