Using Reiki to Remove Negative Energy and Other Methods

Using Reiki to Remove Negative Energy and Other Methods

Removing negative energies through a room cleansing can improve the quality of life. This article will focus on cleansing a space through higher vibrations and healing therapies so the room can be an enjoyable spot for rest or work. We all have energy fields that our chakras generate and within those are fears, frustrations, and thoughts. We also carry within these fields, the energies from outside that have attached during the day. Caring for this situation properly means we can keep our homes healthy and clean because our homes can only be as cleansed as we are overall. We bring the influence into our home. This is helped by keeping a tidy home and a cleansed body to bring good energy. Read on to learn how to cleanse your space from a spiritual and energetical viewpoint. Several options are shared.


Reiki is efficient when it comes to cleansing a person or room from negative or residual energies. This is channeling a universal life force at high vibrations and using Reiki symbols to amplify the effects of the life force. This can take away negative energy in a room, though the result is dependent upon the strength of the energies and the practitioner’s ability to channel the actual life force. Below, a method using Reiki will be shared. It is valid for any activity for the room, whether sleep, work, or even therapy.

Before starting, activate your palms and energy centers to increase your channeling abilities and provide self-protection. In the room, there are five areas of focus: walls, ceiling, floor, corners, and center. If Reiki attuned to the first degree, send energy for 2-3 minutes for each area and visualize cleansing them. For those attuned to the 2nd and 3rd degree, symbols can help as well. Those using Usui Reiki should use the following sequence: Cho-Ku-Rei and Sei-He-Ki on all areas while adding Skika-Sei-Ki, Shika-So, and Dai-Ko-Myo for the center.

Using Karuna Reiki, try Zonar and Halu on all 5 areas, adding Harth, Rama, Krya, Iava, Shanti, and OM for the center. Using Shamballa Reiki, use Cho-Ku-Rei and Sei-He-Ki for all five areas with Amsui in the center in addition. You can also call on Mahatma Energy, Violet Flame Energy, and Christ Consciousness Energy if desired. Reiki, once activated, brings love, light, and peace.


Music is one of the oldest methods of promoting tranquility and peace, even joy. It can change a person’s mood instantly. Each instrument and tune create a specific vibration, so with each tune a corresponding energy arrives. We will resonate with different tunes depending on our own moods and intentions. Some tunes can carry positive or negative vibrations, but we already know and feel this. To use music to remove energy that is negative, we need to play high vibrational tunes that allow these energies to dissolve. Choose what resonates most with you, but focusing on songs with vibration levels of 432, 528, 728, and 741Hz are best. This will include many mantras and chants. Music can change the vibration of both the room and yourself.


Incense is used around the world in different forms of therapy. This comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fragrances. Incense can also be used as a method in cleansing. It can easily dissipate negative energies from a person or room. It has a calming effect on the brain and produces a tranquil state of mind. Some fragrances have a higher vibration than others. These include frankincense, darshan, sandal, myrrh, and sai baba. It depends on what truly resonates with you as some prefer strong, but a fresh fragrance is usually best. Either way, incense is useful in cleansing.

Start by lighting the incense and hold it between your fingers, forming small counterclockwise circles around the room. Imagine it an extension of your hand. Focus on the corners and center, but also above furniture that others have used. You may also use the incense to draw Reiki symbols for a deeper cleansing. If using something like frankincense, put it in the burner and hold the burner in your hands to do the same. If necessary, use one incense stick per corner, but not to the point it becomes overwhelming.


Oils are a more modern approach to cleansing a space or aura. They are used to relax and refresh someone, but can also raise vibration. They can disperse unwanted energies and bring peace to you and your surroundings. Each scent resonates with a specific chakra and will work at different levels. Some examples include:

  • Lavender – Crown and third eye
  • Peppermint – Solar plexus and heart
  • Juniper berry – Solar plexus
  • Cedarwood – Heart and throat chakra

Crystals and Stones

Crystals and gemstones have long been used for healing purposes. These are powerful, yet expensive options for room cleansing. Before starting, we need to cleanse and activate each crystal which can be done through Reiki. Most crystals and stones are to amplify beneficial energy or absorb the negative. Things like amethyst or rose quartz amplifies with larger crystals holding more power. On the other side, smoky quartz and black onyx can absorb negative energies.

Some of the most common crystals and stones are jade, lapis lazuli, and pink quartz. They are easy to find and popular as they both amplify the positive and absorb the negative energy. Jade is specifically great at emotional and physical healing, but can also remove negative energy from people or rooms. The more cleansed and activated crystals in your home, the stronger the healing.


Candles have been around for centuries and used in meditation, therapies, and rituals. Candles can ease the process of opening the gateways to other dimensions. To use candles in cleansing, place one candle in each corner of the room and one in the middle. Draw Reiki symbols around each to activate the light at all levels, including Rama. Use a simple intention to create an aura of energy around each and it will act according to your intention and vibration. If you place 5 to 9 candles in the cross shape, you can better connect to the high dimensions of the archangels. Add prayers for more power.


Depending on your religious preference, choosing to use a prayer can be helpful. Pray from the heart and visualize your mind as it descends to the heart. Pray from the soul out loud if possible, to amplify the effect. The prayer can manifest in four main ways: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. This aides in cleansing.