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Steps to Be a Lightworker with Strong Energies

Steps to Be a Lightworker with Strong Energies

People in our lives are often negative and people have to surround themselves in this kind of environment. When that happens, you have to learn to protect yourself.

A lightworker is someone that brings light to others and when there is negativity, this can be fear based or it can be negative energy.

Negative energy is no reason to be afraid, the best way you can fight this is to deal with negative energy.

Ground Yourself

Grounding yourself will help you to have light. It will help you to feel down to earth and help you to balance yourself and to make a plan.

When you ground our energy, you are able to keep your life positive. A lightworker might need to have their vibrational frequency high so that they can get into the spirit world and when they are balanced, they can keep their mind focused on what they need to do.

Doing this can also keep you protected and when your energy is part of nature, it keeps your energy strong. If you are someone with a high vibration, you might feel spacy often. If this happens to you then you need to make sure you are grounding your energy.

Cleansing Your Energy

Just like you have to take care of your physical body, you have to learn to cleanse and take care of your spiritual being. Doing this can help you to be stronger. Just like you stake a bath, when you are washing, imagine that the water is taking your energy and clearing out any negativity in your life.

Imagine that the water is cleaning your aura and that you are losing any negativity. Imagine your life surrounded by different colors and that all the colors are strong and healing. You can also use Epsom salt to take a bath in to cleanse your body and your spirit being.

Cleaning your energy can help you and you can also do this through meditating. When you visualize that you are in water, you can imagine that the water is washing away any of the negative energy that has hooked to you.

There are ways that you can meditate to cleanse your body and your mind. This can take care of your inner and outer being and can help you to be strong. Imagine that water is flowing over you and washing away any negativity in your life.

Cut the Cord

You can ask your angels to cut any energy cords that you have with other people or places. When you live, you sometimes form cords with other people, and they can pass their energy to you. If they are passing negative energy, it will fill your life with negativity.

The higher your energy level is, the better your purpose is. Cutting cords is important if you need to get rid of negative attachments in your life.

You never have to be with someone all the time to have cords. They can attach when you think of someone or when you go online and look on their social mediate.

When you are a lightworker, you might be easier to attach cords because you are trying to help others and you share your energy.

Remember that you have to protect your energy so that you do not have cords or people that are connecting to you. Channel your energy from a different source and make sure that you are using the resources you have to be strong.

Imagine a Shield

Imagine a shield of protection is covering you. You can imagine a cloak of protection or you can imagine a bubble surrounding you. You can visualize this as colored, or it can be clear.

The bubble will be there to bounce negative energy off of you and into the atmosphere. If there is someone that is always negative around you, learn to let your light pass through and to get to them so that the negative situation can become positive.

Find ways to send out your positive energy and when you are places that are very crowded, always put your bubble up to protect you.

Create any kind of protection shield that will keep you safe. This is up to you on what shape and color you choose.

Ask Your Guides to Protect You

You can call on your guides to help you to stay safe. Ask them to come to you and to put a protection around you to protect your energy and to protect your mind.

Your aura is there to keep you safe and when you are feeling negative in your life, ask your guides to come to you.

If you feel negative, you need to be happy to get your guides to help you to ward the negativity away.

If you are doing spiritual work, you need to make sure that you are healed and that you are protected from negativity. You have your guides to keep you safe and you will be safe if you ask them to protect you. You can also ask your spirit animals to come to you and to keep you safe.

They will often send you messages.


There are different ways that you can protect your spirit and that you can keep yourself safe. Always make sure that you keep your mind, body, and spirit safe and that you are shining your light to the world.

Release fear and allow the negativity to leave you and the light to come to you.

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