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Spiritual Awakenings and the Downside of Them

Spiritual Awakenings and the Downside of Them

Spiritual awakenings are not always easy and as a matter of fact, they can be harder to deal with than anyone ever really expects or talks about. There can be highs and lows when you are going through a spiritual awakening and some people have a hard time with it.

There are people that experience strong panic attacks when going through their awakening. These can be full blown, full of fear, full hearted panic attacks. Not something that is small or meaningless, but a full-blown attack. This can happen to people that are going through change and transformation.

Sometimes, you might even find out that your panic attacks make you feel that something is wrong with you or that you are unlucky in your life.

The truth is some people experience these kinds of strong emotions when they are going through their attacks. They can come from those that have strong psychic giftings and those that are full of intuition. They can see these things happen when they are on the right spiritual path, even though it does not feel like it.

Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual awakenings are not always fun and good. Some will experience things in their life such as panic attacks, sickness and more.

In order to be awakened and to be strong in the spirit world, there are things that we have to get rid of. Even though there are great things connected to being spiritually awakened, such as light, love, kindness, forgiveness and more, there can also be things that are negative.

Our souls want us to be awakened and to learn as many lessons as it can while on Earth. Our wisdom and our enlightenment are what can help us to reach the ultimate phase of our life. This is where we learn a lesson and we learn to live the best we can live.

This path is never easy, and it is often times not very peaceful either. This is a hard journey, but the vibrations will increase, and it will be an experience like none other.

When the soul, body and mind go through awakening, it is when you are reaching your higher self and becoming aware of the energies that are inside of you, outside of you and of the universe. These energies go into your mind and body and the more you reach your enlightenment, the more aware you are of the energies around you.

Your soul will teach you what you need to learn. You will have new lessons come to you and it will open up your mind and your body and help you to be strong in your physical and spiritual world, as well as your emotions.

You will learn to react to things better and you will see that there are things in the earth that have caused you to become more sensitive and to be more understanding of the feelings around you.

The experience will manifest differently for different people and some of the things you might experience during your awakening are:

  • Colds
  • Flu
  • Sickness
  • Panic Attacks
  • Being Spacey
  • Going to the hospital
  • Tiredness

If you end up in the hospital, this is a very drastic sign of a spiritual awakening, but your spirit guides will get you there so that you can be safe and protected by medical doctors and medical equipment. This will only last for a season and will be there to help you through that season of your life.

When you go through your awakening, it is very important that you learn to ground yourself. You can do that through meditation or using crystals such as Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and other black or even brown crystals. These can help you if you are over stimulated or ungrounded.

You can also go out in nature, eat root vegetables, and talk to a psychic. Whatever happens during your awakening, the thing you have to remember is the end result.

Once you go through these experiences, you will reach a point where you will find your awakening and you will be ready for whatever else life has to offer you. Be thankful for your journey and always thank your angels and guides for your guidance.

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