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Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts

When you are in a relationship, you will find peace and solace in it.  These relationships can be peaceful but if they cause you stress then you will have a hard time seeing the beauty of this relationship.  When things go wrong in your relationship or your marriage, you will have a hard time of seeing this as a divine meeting and you will want to break up and find something new.

Even when bad things happen, this is part of your spiritual growth and this can all be your soul contracts.

A soul contract is an agreement that you make when you get into relationships with people.  These people will come into your life to teach you things and will show you what your life is supposed to be like and what will come to you in the future.

Each person that you meet will be part of your contract and is a planned meeting that the universe had for you.  Soul contracts are spiritual contracts that are between you and someone else or you and many people.  They will come to teach you lessons and give you direction about where you should go in your life.

A soul contract can be an experience and there will be different relationships that teach you things.  You might have a lover or a partner or a boss that will be part of your soul contract.  There are different types of soul contracts, mainly three main ones including a soulmate, bump and a twin flame contract.  Remember, some of these happen once and some will happen over and over again.


When you have a soulmate contract, you will be chosen, and this will help to develop your soul and your heart.  The purpose of the soulmate is to help you to grow in your life.  If someone has hurt you and left you, most likely this is one of your soulmates.  They will cause you to feel like your life is never going to be the same and to feel like you have lost all happiness.

When you have a love-hate relationship with someone, a soulmate will teach you to have true love and will help you to break down barriers that you have put up with people.  You will have a soulmate for a time but not for life.  They are not meant to be with you forever.  These types of relationships are strong and passionate, but they will be painful in the end.

Most of the time, a soulmate relationship will show you how to grow and will teach you lessons that otherwise would be hard to learn.  Once the contract is fulfilled, the lesson is learned, and the relationship will likely end.


A bump contract is when you have been involved with someone in your past life.  This is a connection that allows you to go down a spiritual path.  When you have a soul, you realize that you are in situations that can distract you from the work that you are supposed to be doing.

A bump contract will help you to be able to be on track.  These contracts will be intense and will get you out of a routine.  They will remind you what your direction is and will most of the time be romantic encounters that you will have.  This type of contract will bump you to a new level in your mind.

A bump contract will not be long term and will usually just be a change and will cause you to change paths in life.

Twin Flame

Twin flame contracts only happen once in your life.  This is when your soul and your twin flame soul come together to complete each person.  The twin flame will be an instant connection and it will be like you have loved and known the person forever, even when you just meet them.

You will know that you have a twin flame if:

  • The attraction you have doesn’t make sense.
  • You feel complete when you are with the person.
  • You feel a magnetic pull towards them.
  • They complement you.
  • They feel like they are with you even when you are far away.
  • You feel close to them.
  • You feel like your life is complete when you find them.
  • You will do things at the same time such as speak, text and call each other.

When your twin flame contract is fulfilled, it can bring you peace that twill last forever.

Another type of twin flame contract is when you connect with them and then they disconnect from you.  When this happens, it means that they are running from you and it can be hard and heartbreaking to go through.  This means that it cannot be rushed and there will be a time in the future when they are ready to connect with you again.  Sometimes, one person in the relationship is ready to go further and the other person doesn’t want to deal with it right now.  This can be painful to the person who does.

Sometimes the twin flame will run from the relationship and will be called the runner and the connection ill be so strong, but it will also be confusing.  There will be telepathy between the two and both are going to feel the magnetic pull that cannot be broken.

When someone has to deal with this type of twin flame, they will have to find out what they are feeling.  They might already be committed to another relationship and this will make things hard at the time of the contract.  Twin flame contracts do not usually happen at the best times.

There are some reasons why a twin flame relationship will not work at the time and that is because of religious beliefs, age differences and being in a different relationship.  This contract can be a curse and a gift all in the same.

These soul contracts are very strong and are meant to fulfill your life.  They can bring pain and stress and it is important for the person to know what perspective the universe is trying to show you.  You need to know what you are going to gain from this experience and learn to not get lost in the pain of it.  Learn to think of these soul contracts as a lesson.

Thank your friend or your family or your lover for the lesson that they have taught you and for helping you to fulfill your life lesson and to see your soul keep growing towards the higher self.

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