Signs You Have Karmic Debt to Repay

Signs You Have Karmic Debt to Repay

Karma is something that is neither good nor bad, but it is something that you have that is a cause and effect. The things that you do in your life, both good and bad will come back to you. When you experience a lot of negative things, this can mean you have karmic debt to pay back.

You might be someone that is always having bad karma, and this can happen because you have past karma that you have to pay back. Karma isn’t about what you do now, but it is about what you have done in the past.

Past life choices that you have made will come to you later for you to pay your debt off.

What is Karma?

Karma is something that people say, and they don’t really understand it. When you do good things in life, you have positive karma come to you but when you do bad things, you have to pay back negative karma. We often think that karma is about luck or about fate but that is not true.

Karma is something that happens because of actions that you do. This will determine what you get in return.

This is also something that is described as a force that affects your life or an aura or part of your life energy.

More About Karma

Karma is part of a Hindu belief and this is for people that believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is the life that goes back into the universe and you keep returning as different things, including humans. You might come back as an animal or a bug or even a flower. The lessons that you learn along the way will help you to complete your journey and reach your highest spiritual self.

There are times that you will owe karmic debt to others and you will stay on your journey until you give the payment. You have to reach a place where you owe no karmic debt.

The good deeds that you do make positive karma, and this helps to get rid of the debt that you have to pay. You have to keep paying the debt from your past life until it is fulfilled.

You need to understand that your actions aren’t the only thing that add up karma but also your thoughts and feelings. These things are sent into the universe and they also make karma. If you hate school, you will be negative about it and you will build up negative karma. But if you go to school even if you are bullied and you are positive about it, you will get good karma.

Karmic Debt

Karmic debt is two numbers. It is a single and a double digit. If you have 4 karmic debt, it will be 1+3 which=7 and that means 4. This means that the karmic debt is 13 and the negative is the 4.

Karmic debt uses numbers 4, 5, 7 and 1. The double-digit numbers are the force of karma debt and the numbers are the traits that you have to have to clear your debt.

Calculating Your Karmic Debt

The numbers and karmic debt have to be part of your birthday. This is your personality number and your life path number. These numbers are the sum that work together in the pattern of numbers.

Use your real birthday and add up the digits:

If you are born on May 25th, you add up the 2+5=7 and that is your karmic debt.

Your life path number is one of the core numbers. This is your full birthday, the year and then you break down the single digit numbers. This is the life path number, and you can use it to relate to your karmic debt.

Karmic Debt Numbers

Now that you know your karmic debt numbers, what do you need to correct?

The number 13 means you have been lazy in your past life. You have to focus on completing things and doing tasks that come to you.

The number 14 means that you want to be in control. You took freedom away from people in your past life and you need to learn to be vulnerable and giving to others.

The number 16 has to do with your ego. You thought that you were high in life and you have to learn to be humble and kind.

The number 19 means that you were selfish. You have possibly been addicted to things and you need to move forward in your life.

The debt is hard to understand sometimes and once you learn to do things for others, you will be successful in getting rid of karmic debt.

This debt is coming for those that have multiple lives and if you help those that are less fortunate and those that are needing help, you will see that you can get ahead in life.

Number 0

The number zero means that you have no karma to pay back. This means that your karma is clear and that you are able to keep a balanced life as long as you live a good life. You need to be mindful of how you act and what you do.

People with 0 karma will have a better life and will be motivated to be positive and to do things that are good. Focus on the lessons that you have learned along the way and be positive. Treat others will love and respect.

Signs of Karmic Debt

Life is about different numbers and patterns, and they point out lessons that you have or need to learn.

If you owe karmic debt, you can calculate what you owe from your birth chart and your karmic number.

If you find that you have repeating patterns in your life, or you struggle with things like addiction, it can mean that you have debts that you have to pay.

Gravitating to people that you need to help will help you to pay back karmic debt and will reward you with selflessness and humility.

When you have relationships that are the same pattern or if you are in abusive relationships, you will have karmic debt that you need to pay back. You owe this and you need to learn what to do next.

Finding yourself in situations where you are always looking at yourself and your negativity means that you are gathering debt and you need to change and learn to appreciate your life.


Finding out what kind of karmic debt that you owe can help you to find your purpose in life. It can help you to grow and to be better. The universe will push you until you are the best that you can be, and you reach your higher self.


  1. The concept of karmic debt and the need to repay it through good deeds aligns with many spiritual teachings. It encourages self-improvement and a focus on positive actions, which is beneficial.

  2. The article provides an interesting perspective on how karma is more about past actions than current ones. It makes one ponder about their past life choices and how they might be affecting their current life.

  3. The connection between reincarnation and karma is well-explained in this article. It offers a detailed look at how our past lives can impact our present one, which is thought-provoking.

  4. Understanding karmic debt through numbers is an interesting concept. However, I would like to see more empirical evidence or studies supporting this idea.

  5. It’s intriguing to see karma described as more than just actions, including thoughts and feelings. This adds a layer of accountability to our inner world, not just our outer actions.

  6. The concept of karmic debt and its numerical representation is fascinating. It makes me wonder how these numbers are derived and how accurate they are in reflecting one’s spiritual state.


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