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Karmic Relationship

Signs You Are in a Karmic Relationship

No one is perfect and we have bad habits and choices that we make all the time that do not help us to be better. The things that we do affect our karma and affect what happens in our lives and our relationships.

Maybe you are someone that is emotional and someone that looks for the path to freedom or justice. You might look for new beginnings or want a fresh start in your life. Maybe you have had disrespect amongst different groups of people, and you have learned that the karma that you have built up is bad and you need to learn to find peace and understanding in your life.

Chances are that people that you meet in your life can cause you to make bad decisions. Maybe they make you angry or they cause you to have distrust.

When you defend yourself, you realize that you should have walked away, and you should have learned to control the way that you reacted to things. This is part of your own personal respect. The relationships that you have that are karmic relationship are there to help you to become better.

You have the opportunity for healing and for respect and equality and when you learn to connect with your karmic relationships, you can learn to change and become better. This can mean that you become respectful of things in the Earth and things around you.

Chances are that you need to reclaim your peace and that you have learned many life lessons along the way that have evolved around your karmic relationships and your personal growth.

Ways Karma Shows Up

Here are some ways that karma might show up in your relationships:

  • You have hard times in your families.
  • Generational curses.
  • Karmic relationships that have unusual events such as adopting a child or meeting a romantic partner.
  • Wounds that need to be healed.
  • Controlling partners.
  • Love that is easy.
  • Karmic connections.
  • Spiritual change and growth.

Ending a Karmic Relationship

Some karmic relationships work out well and are peaceful and balanced. They are good love stories that help the mind, body and soul to heal.

Other relationships are hard, and they are relationships full of abuse and control. These relationships are the ones that you honor love and that you see the behaviors of others and you love them, but you need to get out.

There are relationships that have uneven powers and some of them can equal control or can change the relationships of one or two of the people.

A karmic relationship doesn’t mean something new and it can be something that makes you more aware of who you are and brings you peace.

As you learn your karmic relationship, you can decide if it is something you need to stay in or leave.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Is my relationship full of pain?
  • Why should I stay in this relationship?
  • Who am I trying to control?
  • What is bringing me fear?
  • How can I stop dealing with this karmic wound?
  • Am I ready to be healed?

You have to find that you can have peace and humanity in your life. You need to trust your partner and you need to learn to listen to your intuition.

Allow old wounds to be healed and allow people to come into your life that will take away fear and pain. Find peace in your life and learn to be happy and without stress and anxiety.

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