Reiki Used for Effective Communication


I want to commit this article to my fatherly granddad who passed away precisely three months back, with whom I’ve had the first yet effective psychic communication.

When I visited the hospital during my Grandfather’s last days, he was then in oxygen mask and since he was half paralysed he could not speak rather he tried to converse with his bright twinkling blue eyes. As he gently lifted his un – paralysed wrinkled hand towards my cheeks, trying to speak something, he suddenly slipped into unconscious and hours later he left for his heavenly abode, in spite of doctors’ several attempts to bring him back to life. Now post my grandfather’s death, the grief really gripped my heart. Since he loved me most, I was emotionally very attached to him. Moreover, my mind was restless as to what he was trying to communicate with me few hours before his death. Something inside me wanted to go for psychic communication with him.

Following are the steps for effective psychic communication.
You can use the same process to communicate with your soul mate, or with a person’s soul with whom you have difficulty in expressing your feelings.

  1. Ground yourself to Mother Earth so that you are intact and protected. This is the most important step especially in psychic communication, astral travel etc.
  2. Shield yourself with white light.
  3. Invoke 3 times “I am now ready to have psychic communication with xyz person. I request all my spirit guides and xyz person’s higher self and spirit guides (if xyz person is alive) to please help me in having a successful psychic conversation”.reiki 2
  4. Draw all Reiki symbols in your palms, make a chi ball and release it from your Crown chakra.
  5. Give few minutes Reiki healing to your Crown chakra for effective psychic communication.
  6. Count your long breaths in reversing order from 20 to 1 and simultaneously visualizing that you are climbing the ladder to spiritual realm.
  7. Connect to xyz person’s higher self/soul through HSZSN.
  8. Now Invite person’s higher self/soul to have a psychic communication with you. Use all your 5 senses during this process.
  9. After successful communication break the connection by thanking and requesting xyz person’s higher self/soul to go back.
  10. Come down to Mother Earth and thank Mother Earth, God and your spirit guides.

My Visual Snapshot:

When I met my Grandfather, asking him of what he was wanting to say to me just before his death, he gently held my cheeks with his hands and in his ever soft voice said My princess – Always bind your people with unconditional love, care and trust. He then careased my head, kissed my forehead and further said You are richly blessed, My dear!. As I gazed at him, his lovely serene face, his warm sunshine smile, the beautiful angels then wrapped him around their long, feathery, smooth wings, and took him away to a tranquil place and bathed him under bright, glowing white light. I was summoned by my spirit guides to come back to my body. I thanked Reiki energy and wiped my tears – tears of sadness? No, not really.