Reiki Psychic Surgery, For Real?


Psychic surgery is high level vitality work. As a rule, it is prescribed that just third degree specialists with adequate experience do this. On the off chance that you have not done an exhaustive round of questioning yet but rather are profoundly instinctive and talented with vitality work, you can counsel with your higher self and afterward choose on the off chance that you ought to do it or not.

Psychic surgery can be done to heal stubborn blocks that do not respond to gentler healing. It is commonly done to treat physical ailments but it can work for mental-emotional issues as well. Reiki psychic surgery involves using several healing techniques in conjunction with Reiki and the power of your intuition.

This article explains Reiki psychic surgery as done under the guidance of Archangel Raphael. Raphael is the Master-Healer of the angelic realm and he takes delight in helping Reiki healers. In order to provide maximum benefit to yourself or your client, you must be able to put your logical mind aside and trust your intuition one hundred percent. When you surrender completely, Raphael works beautifully through you and the whole process feels effortless. Raphael plays the role of chief surgeon who is around to help and guide. We play the role of assistant surgeons who are training under him!

Who needs Psychic Surgery? Risks vs Benefits

Psychic surgery is normally done only when nothing else seems to help. It is not necessary in all cases and can cause uncomfortable symptoms if done for no reason. Doctors perform a caesarean section only when the baby’s position does not allow a natural birth or labour does not progress as expected. Surgery done for no reason can cause more harm than good. So, put on a medical hat and assess the risks and benefits of performing psychic surgery. If the benefits outweigh the risks, go ahead! If they don’t, stick with gentler healing.

The Procedure

1. Prepare the healing area by physically cleaning it. Cleanse the room by drawing Dai Ko Myo and Cho Ku Rei on the walls, ceiling, floor, the healing couch/massage table and everywhere else that you feel guided to.
2. Place a picture (or oracle card) of Archangel Raphael and other Masters, Guides and Angels that you connect with.
3. Light candles, burn some incense and play soothing music.
4. Have plenty of water handy.
5. Take a few deep breaths and centre yourself. Request Raphael to help you with this process and to perform the surgery through you. Request your guides and angels to surround you in a shield of protective light so as to keep your energies safe.

reiki surgery 2

6. Ask your client to come in and lie down. Begin by scanning the aura and make a note of the areas where the energy feels stuck or heavy.
7. Encourage your client to locate areas where energies feel stubbornly stuck.
8. If it is a specific organ or body part that needs healing, you will still need to scan the aura and locate the areas that hold stubborn blocks. This is because stuck energies are not always restricted to a diseased body part. They are usually present in several areas of the body and each one must be addressed independently for a full healing to occur.
9. Once you identify the areas that have stuck energies, call on Archangel Raphael and ask him to guide every move of yours as you go about performing the surgery.
10. In the case of physical ailments, also scan the diseased body part or organ for stuck energies.
11. Assess the nature of every stubborn block you encounter. Does the block feel rough and hard? Does it feel icky and soft? Does it feel coarse” What shape does it have? What colour is it? Trust the impressions you first receive. Depending on the nature of the block, proceed to remove it. Use the Violet Flame to transmute the blocks. The energy that is removed can be tossed into the 
Violet Flame where it will be transmuted.
12. A block that feels hard may need to be drilled or extracted. A block that feels icky may need to be cut. Cut, drain, repair and stitch as a surgeon would do. Move your hands exactly like you would if you were a surgeon performing surgery. You must literally play around with the energy. With Archangel Raphael acting as your guide, you cannot make a mistake.
13. Take breaks in between and drink water. Same goes for your client.
14. If something feels overwhelming, take a break. Sit down, drink some water and relax. Request Archangel Raphael to work on your client while you rest. Watch what happens and observe how Raphael works. You may learn a thing or two. Get back to working alongside Raphael when you feel ready.
15. It is not necessary for all blocks to be cleared in one session. When you intuitively feel that you must stop for the day, feel free to stop. It is good to give the body time to adjust with the healing that occurred. Do not force healing beyond what is necessary at the moment.
16. It is important to fill up the areas that were worked on with healing energy. Request Raphael to direct his healing green light through your palms. Fill up all the areas that were worked on with this green light and intend that it stays there for as long as necessary.
17. Proceed to do a full body healing with Reiki, paying special attention to the areas that were worked on. If any of the chakras seem deficient in energy, strengthen them with balls of light of the corresponding chakra colours. For example, if the root chakra needs extra attention, make an energy ball of red light and push it into the chakra. This must be done alongside the Reiki healing.
18. Once done, wrap the client in a cocoon of Reiki/emerald green light/white light/pink light (as you feel guided to). Draw the Master and power symbols on the cocoon and seal the healing.
19. Request Raphael to stay by the client’s side for as long as necessary and to keep him or her comfortable.
20. If the client is asleep, leave him or her undisturbed.
21. Drink plenty of water and get your client to do the same once he or she wakes up.

Post Healing Discussion

Encourage your client to take further action steps towards healing the root cause of the issue. Every disease and imbalance has an underlying root cause. And until we take steps to heal the root cause, it is quite likely that the blocks will resurface. If the case has been thoroughly discussed earlier, you may be aware of the root cause already. Alternately, you may receive information about the root cause during the healing. If you need further assistance, you can do angel card readings to receive specific guidance for your client. Discuss your findings with the client and guide him or her on further action steps.


Since a lot of negative energy is released during psychic surgery, it is important that the healing area is cleansed thoroughly before you use it again. Burn some incense and allow its smoke to permeate every corner of the room. Allow it to touch the area where the client lay down. Draw the Master Symbol and Power Symbol once again on the walls, ceiling, floor, door, windows etc. Place balls of Reiki in each corner of the room. Toss one huge ball into the centre of the room to keep the energy flowing.


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