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Reiki Healing Sessions from a Distance

Reiki Healing Sessions from a Distance

Reiki, commonly referred to as energy healing, is an alternative therapy that emerged in Japan late in the 19th century. Reiki involves a transfer of energy from the practitioner’s hands to the patient’s body. Practitioners say this energy increases relaxation, alleviates pain, accelerates healing, and reduces symptoms of sickness.

Since Reiki is defined as a transfer of energy through physical contact with the hands, most people are suspicious of remote Reiki sessions. I was skeptical, too. How can somebody receive Reiki healing from a therapist who’s in a completely different room, city, or country? This is why we have trouble understanding how a remote Reiki session works.

Then I experienced a remote Reiki healing of my own. It was such an amazing experience!

In the physical realm, everything must be done in person. Haircuts, massages, dental work, manicures, or blood tests simply can’t be done by distance. They must be done in person. There must be physical, bodily presence.

This is where Reiki is different. Reiki works, even at a distance, because Reiki is a non-invasive, natural healing energy that operates in multiple realms, not just the physical realm. It’s used holistically to restore the body, mind, and soul (or spirit) balance by promoting the body’s innate ability to regeneratively heal itself. Reiki’s healing energy connects us on a spiritual level so healing can occur.

To truly understand Reiki, we must first accept the fact that there’s more to us than our physical bodies. As best-selling motivational author Wayne Dyer explained, “We are not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body.”

Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, perspectives and moral beliefs are all energies that exist within us. But they aren’t part of our physical bodies; they’re not physical elements. Though they’re not physical, they do have the capacity to affect our physical bodies. Our soul is also part of who we are, and it definitely isn’t a physical element. Reiki energy connects our energetic and spiritual levels. Remote Reiki sessions work because distance is strictly a physical limitation. Distance does not limit energies.

Initially, many energies we can’t see, including electricity, radio waves, cell phone service, and wi-fi transmission, seemed too amazing to be true. But they’ve become nearly universally accepted without question. To function properly, they must be tuned in. Remote Reiki works in a similar way. Reiki practitioners act as conduits that tune healing energy to the person to whom it’s being sent. The energy flows through naturally existing conduits. Similar to cell phone or internet service, distance provides no obstacle to Reiki.

Benefits of In-Person Reiki Healing

During in-person Reiki healings, it’s not necessary for the practitioner to physically touch the subject. Healing can occur when a practitioner places their hands just above the patient’s body. This type of session is just as powerful as hands-on treatments or remote Reiki sessions.

In 2009, Skills for Health in the UK developed a National Occupational Standard that included recognition of three types of Reiki: hands directly on the body, hands placed near the body, and practice from a distance.

This acknowledgment is significant for Reiki practitioners. Reiki is officially recognized as a healing method that can be performed at a distance from the client.

Receiving in-person Reiki therapy can be a wonderful experience, and many case studies attest to the benefits. But in some cases, attending a session in-person can create stress, distractions, and discomfort, preventing optimal healing. These include:

  • The stress of traveling.
  • Constraints of a set appointment.
  • Anxiety from traffic
  • Worry from rushing to a set appointment.
  • Tension from meeting someone new.
  • Distraction from being physically present with another person.
  • Discomfort from being away from home in an unfamiliar environment.
  • The expense involved.

Remote Reiki provides an effective and simple alternative to all of these issues.

Benefits of Remote Reiki Healing

When clients begin their own remote Reiki healing sessions, they often prefer them because they’re so effective. As a bonus, most practitioners provide you with a written record of your remote Reiki healing session.

More benefits of remote Reiki sessions include:

  • You can wear whatever you want.
  • You can stay in your home.
  • You don’t have to accommodate somebody else’s schedule.
  • You don’t need to talk to anybody.
  • Sessions are usually cheaper than in-person therapy.

Remote Reiki sessions typically last about 30 minutes. They can be scheduled when it’s most convenient for you. During a remote Reiki session, it’s best for you to lie down in a quiet place that’s free of distractions.

The only way for you to find out for sure if remote Reiki sessions really work is to have one yourself. When you do, it will probably become your favorite healing method!

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