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Some people think that being non-attached is an emotional thing and means that someone has no feelings and is not emotional but the truth is that having non-attachment means that we live in a world where we are not attached to people or thoughts that cause us to suffer.

Being non-attachment means that you do not have the desire to fight and you want to understand the universe and the mysteries of life.  You have a lot of peace and you rest in the moment.  You detach yourself so that you do not get hurt and so that you have nothing that holds you back.

There are perspectives of being non-attached that show that you are not only religious but that you are one with the universe as well.


Non-attachment means that you are learning to let go of your suffering and that you are not allowing your emotions to hurt you.  When you let go of your thoughts and your feelings you have relief and peace and you are able to have well-being in your life.

How can you let go of your thoughts and emotions?  You can do this by being mindful and aware of what is going on around you.  When you allow life to be natural and you stop being attached to things, you will have different opinions and you will be able to allow yourself to life a life of peace and happiness.

Non-attachment means that you let go of physical and non-physical things and that you die to yourself.  You find out what is true, and you live inside of yourself.  This is reaching a deep level and going back to your higher self by letting go of external things.

Benefits of Being Non-Attached

When you hang on to things internally and emotional things, you will see that things are not able to be surrendered.  Here are some ways that you can surrender to yourself and learn to practice acceptance.

  • You don’t let your emotions control you.
  • You let go of dread and anxiety.
  • You are spontaneous.
  • You become open.
  • You are peaceful with yourself.
  • You feel relaxed and are passive.
  • You are able to face loss.
  • You know freedom because you are not a slave to your mind.
  • You are whole and happy.
  • You love others more than yourself.
  • You are not attached to beliefs of others.
  • You love yourself more.
  • You let life unfold naturally.
  • You are not addicted to material things.
  • You are more grounded.
  • You feel love and compassion.
  • You chase happiness.

When you do not judge life and you find inner peace, you will let good things be good and bad things be bad.  You will let go of anger and sadness.

Problems with Attaching

When you hear about non-attachment, it causes you to think of a way to want to have no desire.  The point of non-attachment is to pay attention to what occupies your mind.  You find what drives you and what happiness you are seeking.

Non-attachment helps you to know what is happening within you but also allows you to attach to things that you don’t want to attach to.  You have to not have a desire to be non-attached or you become attached to that.

Kinds of Attachment

For you to transform you have to discover what attachments you have in this world.

Material Attachment

People go through stages of being attached to things that money can buy.  Learn to let go of things and to not want things of this world.

When you are happy and secure because you have things then you have to realize that your treasures on this earth are not everlasting and they can cause you to be attached to things that you can lose.  If you have these desires, chances are you have attachment issues:

  • Love homes and designer clothing.
  • You get self-esteem from what you have.
  • You dream about having a bigger house.
  • You go on shopping sprees.
  • You can’t stand losing your things in a natural disaster.
  • You feel like you can’t live without things.
  • You feel like your possessions make you who you are.
  • You get upset when things become sold out.

Personal Attachment

Having a personal attachment means that you are attached to a person and you need them to feel validated.

Many people fall in the trap of loving someone so that they can make us feel better about ourselves.  This person gains their love and acceptance and there are different styles of attachment that can cause you to love unconditionally no matter what the person does in your life.

You know you struggle from personal attachment if you have these:

  • Emotionally cut people off when they cause problems.
  • Feeling lost and alone when you are not with someone.
  • Have a hard time forgiving people.
  • You are needy and clingy.
  • You have self-destructive behavior.

Thought Attachment

Thought attachments are when you have emotional and interpersonal attachments to beliefs.  You feel negative and you shoot yourself by attaching yourself to these thoughts.  You feel that you are no good and you are never able to change.

People that have these thoughts are attached to their thoughts and they have emotional tensions and harm that make them feel that they are not good enough.

Non-attachment can be a thought and does not have to be a thing.  You have to learn to quiet your mind and you can do this by meditating.  You can control your thoughts and know your consciousness through thought and sometimes you can be trapped with your thoughts of the world.

You know you struggle with thought attachments if you have these things:

  • Want to figure things all out.
  • Are judgement of yourself.
  • Stereotype people.
  • Believe that things are all good or all bad.
  • See the world in black and white.
  • Get lost in daydreaming
  • Feel controlled by thoughts.

If you feel that you can relate to any of these attachments, then it is okay because it just makes you human.  Be aware of your attachments and know when you are putting your life to seek out attachments instead of being non-attached.

Being Non-Attached

There are ways that you can learn to be non-attached and here is how:

Stop Looking for Happiness

Stop looking for happiness in the wrong places and outside of yourself.  You need to find ways to be happy and peaceful with who you are.


Find ways that you can be nicer and that you can stop feeling like you are a failure.  Do not let your expectations meet your needs but learn to be happy inside of who you are.


Allow life to be how it is and allow your emotions to be free.  Learn to have joy and stop suffering.

Friends with Uncertainty

You cannot be in control of all things.  You have to resist being anxious and paranoid about things.  You have to feel calm and open and allow yourself to have a life where there are no limits and where you can be uncertain about things.  You will need to accept that surprises can happen and be okay with it.

Observe Your Thoughts

Pay attention to the thoughts that you have and meditate on a regular basis.  Meditating will help you to stay grounded and this can change your energy levels.  The more that you are self-aware of your life, the more readily you will be able to stop the pain that thoughts cause you.

See Through Things

Look at your life and you will see that things do not last forever.  Things will eventually die, and you will be saddened but this gives you the chance to have full joy.  If things lasted forever, then life would not be appreciated, and neither would death.  Appreciate things while you have it and allow things to be changed.  Allow things to bring you surprises.


Non-attachment means to let things go.  If you want to be unattached you can be enlightened and grounded.  Being non-attached means that you are living in awareness and you are happy for who you are.

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