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Letting Happiness into your Life

Letting Happiness into your Life

There is a happiness within all of us because of our “Reiki”, which literally is defined as healing energy. But really, as defined by Mikao Uri, it refers to the “secret method of inviting happiness; the wonderful medicine for all diseases.

The secret lies with a human-being’s ability to recognize your own thought patterns: your fears and worries and what leads to them.

Here are 5 basic ways to develop your Reiki and allow happiness to not only enter your life, but consume it.

Live in the Moment

Living in the moment takes a variety of different forms. Try to take a few minutes at different points of the day to  really take in your surroundings. Listen to the sounds, witness the people walking around you, and simply engulf yourself in your environment.

Find different ways to connect with what you have in front of you. Hand-wash those dishes instead of letting the machine do all the work. As you do, fully embrace what’s going on beneath your fingers and smell the dish-soap as it creates bubbles in the warm water, steam rising off the surface.

Simplify your Meditation Techniques

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. No long walks or deep, technical breathing will be necessary. You don’t even have to get out in nature! Meditation is simply the ability to focus intensely on one thing. Silence all of the various thoughts in your mind. There’s plenty of research out there on how meditation can relax the fight/flight reactions within your body, which lowers your overall heart-rate. And a lower overall heart rate will help you live more healthily.

All you need to do when you meditate is find a quiet place to yourself. A bathroom, a closet, a bedroom, your back porch…anywhere that helps you focus can be a great meditation venue.

Seperating yourself from Anger   

When you decide to use your emotions as a guide instead of as the controlling factor behind who you are and what you do, then you can begin to gain the ability to separate yourself from your anger. Sometimes exercise and learning how to control your heart rate can lead to empowering you over your emotions, especially anger.

For a longer term solution, you can choose to turn to a way of “reprogramming” yourself to interact better with what you’re hearing, seeing, and, most importantly, feeling! Put yourself in the shoes of the person towards whom you’re feeling those emotions. This will help you empathize with them and understand their feelings. Taking a glance at the situation from a third person perspective will also help you gain an understanding on how to evaluate the emotions of a situation better.

Realize your Thoughts Become your Reality

When you think certain thoughts enough, you tend to bend the lense through which you view your own reality. For instance, if you wake up everyday thinking that it will be yet another bad day, then it probably will be. If you think that people will be mean to you, then their actions towards you that they didn’t intend to come across as hostile will probably seem hostile to you.

Instead of thinking these kinds of thoughts, try to create a more positive outlook and energy. If you continue to tell yourself that you’re going to have a good day, you might just end up finding a way to make it come true. This is just one subtle flip of your way of thinking that could lead to a much improved atmosphere for happiness to enter your life.

Creating a Thankful Attitude and a Fit Spirit

If you start your day by giving thanks for some of the things in your life, you might be able to have a transition towards a thankful spirit. Give thanks for the weather, no matter what it may be that day. Give thanks for your activities, your busy schedule, or your opportunities to relax.

Practicing spiritual fitness, along with this thankful attitude, will lead to your thoughts and emotions being much more grounded. Read a little bit deeper into everything to really stretch your spirit. Pretend you’re out for a morning jog and you run into one of your old friends. Instead of simply saying hi and moving on to your workout, take time to question why you are seeing this person. Is there a deeper reason as to why the universe led you to each other that morning? Dive into that and see your spiritual fitness soar!


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