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Spirit Soulmate

Kindred Spirit Soulmate

As people get older, they tend to become pickier on who they allow to be in their life and who they allow to influence them. There was a time when they would allow others to influence them or they would tolerate people in their life that were hard to get along with, but as you get older, you realize these are kindred spirits.

When you think of a time where you bonded with someone almost immediately after you met them, chances are that you had a lot in common with them. A kindred spirit is someone that you have a lot in common with and you make a strong connection almost immediately. This is something that might not seem normal to you, but you feel that you can fully trust this person.

A kindred spirit and a soulmate are not the same thing and here are the differences:

Kindred Spirit

A kindred spirit is someone that you will want to be around, and you will want to spend time with them. There are some traits of a kindred spirit such as:

  • Having the same interests, you have.
  • Have a personality that makes you stronger.
  • Support each other.
  • Fun to be around.
  • You can be yourself around them.
  • Can be a best friend or a co-worker.


A soulmate is someone that you will meet that will be an ideal romantic partner for you. They come from the same soul group that you have, and the truth is, you can have many soulmates in your lifetime and multiple lifetime meetings.

A soulmate can be a friend or a romantic partner or even a family member. A soulmate is different than a kindred spirit because the soulmate relationship is on a deeper level. A soulmate will teach you life lessons that others will not teach you and they will force you to grow.

You will get along with your kindred spirit, but you will be emotionally tied by your soulmate.

When you are friends with a kindred spirit, the relationship will seem to be happier and will not be as dramatic as soulmate relationship. You will get mad at your soulmate because you are always growing.

If you want to find a kindred spirit or a soulmate, you need to realize that the connection will be strong either way but you need to be open so you can recognize the difference between them.

Soulmate Traits

There are different soulmate traits that your soulmate will have such as:

  • Emotional Bond
  • Fun times
  • Bad times
  • Fights
  • Laughs
  • Love
  • Romance
  • Non-romance


In life we will meet many different people and we will have both kindred spirits and soulmates in our life. Each relationship that we have will have a purpose for the time and will influence each life in some way.

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