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Zener Cards

Developing Psychic Clairs with Zener Cards

Developing psychic abilities can be a fun part of the journey, especially if you use Zener cards. Zener cards can be used to increase psychic abilities while having a bit of fun along the way. Below explains all you need to know.

What You Need

Zener Cards – Zener cards can be found online, but you can also make your own from index cards. If making your own, make three cards each of the following symbols for a total of at least 15. (square, circle, star, plus sign, and wavy lines) These are fine in black or colors.

A Friend – You need someone to help you practice, but if they are not close by, have access to something like Zoom or FaceTime.

Open Mind – Developing psychic abilities is meant to be fun, so if you are feeling pressure, back off for a bit.

Essential Oils – Oils are optional, but if you choose to use them, try something conducive to psychic energy like rose, cedarwood, or lemon.

Getting Started

Once you are ready, dive in. Each exercise begins the same way.

Set an Intention – The first thing to o is set a good intention for both you and your friend. Invite the spirit guides and angels to help.

Positioning – set your friend and yourself across from one another or across the screen if online. This is a telepathic activity. So, being in the same room or across the world works.

Get Started – Each person can take turns being the sender and receiver if desired.

Clairvoyance Exercise

The sender’s job is to transmit the card pulled to their partner without words. This is ESP. So, draw a card, close your eyes, and imagine the symbol being sent to your friend’s mind’s eye. If it is helpful, imagine waves being transmitted. Hold the image for ten seconds and ask your friend what was received. This can take time so do not worry if you get the giggles at first.

As the receiver, take a few deep breaths to focus energy on the third eye. Allow yourself to receive whichever symbol comes. You will likely receive a picture. Do not second guess yourself, just allow it to form in your mind. Make sure your mind stays clear when practicing.

Clairaudience Exercise

Using the same method as above do the same things except think of and send a word instead of a picture. The sender will repeatedly think of the word to represent the card as the receiver waits to hear it in their own voice. One moment you may be thinking of your grocery list while the next the word star or circle will pop into your head.

Clairsentience Exercise

To use Zener cards to increase clairsentience, you will need to transmit feelings. Once the card is drawn, focus on the card and the feel of the shape. Certain shapes will make you feel or remind you of different things. The wavy lines may make you think of the beach. Let the mind wander and telepathically send the feeling to your friend. For the receiver, imagine how your friend may feel after drawing certain cards. Do not use logic, just gut feelings.

Claircognizance Exercise

The key to developing psychic knowing is speed. This is a lightning round that should be tried without logic. The sender should draw and look at a card. As soon as the receiver calls out an answer, put the card face down and repeat through each card. No feedback should be offered until all the cards have been ”transmitted”. For the receiver, there is no logical reason to know which card was drawn, but you likely do. Just blurt out an answer without second guessing. The point is to exercise is to open up abilities and learn to feel things. Keep it positive and go through the cards around three times before offering any feedback.

Tips and Tricks

These are fun exercises that should be practiced, but taken as something fun. Even if you are not getting 100% correct, you are opening up. If by chance you cannot find your stride, try the following.

Take Turns – Make sure you take turns as both sender and receiver

Notes – As you practice, you will see pattern developing. You may be better at sending or receiving. Remember, there are 4 main psychic gifts, so find what works best with you.

Practice – This takes time so work with your gifts and allow yourself time to grow.

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