Chakras And Their Frequency Vibrations


Although most people have heard of seven chakras, there are actually 114 in the complex energy form of the body. Chakras are energy centers and each chakra processes information within a specific band or range of frequency vibrations.  The way they function similar to a typical AM/FM radio.  And similar to a radio, you can tune in to one of your inner chakras even when you are already set on another.  For example, your fourth chakra processes information within this frequency range.  The fourth chakra is the chakra of affinity.  One of its functions is to process the vibration of love, which in this instance we’ll say vibrates at a frequency of 89.5 MHz.  If your fourth chakra is healthy, open and functioning you would be able to receive the frequency vibrations from any station on the dial, including the vibration of love.  If, on the other hand, your fourth chakra is not fully opened or if there have been occurrences that have affected the flow of energy coming through it, the number of stations that could be tuned in may be lessened.   This decrease may then affect our ability to tune into the frequency of 89.5 MHz and thus to send or receive love because when we do try to tune in to the vibration of love we may experience a lot of static or interference.  Depending on how much the chakra has been effected we may not be able to tune in or access this frequency vibrations at all.

When we are in the midst of a traumatic event or anything that is highly stressful to us, we block the natural flow of energy moving through the chakras within us.  Don’t panic as this is normal and natural in the short term and if we know how to recharge, we’d be able to clear out the blockage and function like new again.  However, over time the unpleasant events that have affected us throughout our lifetime can take their toll on our chakras ability to function causing them to malfunction.

Chakras don’t typically close all at once.  Instead they shut down gradually due to the repetition of hurtful, stressful or disturbing events.  For example, we may find ourselves stuck in an unhealthy relationship, a job or habit.  Over time, the chakras can become blocked, clogged, congested or distorted, much like the deterioration of the human heart.  These repeated patterns of action can keep us from growing and could be identified or characterized by the chakra that is under-energized, has a reduced vibratory rate or is unable to transmit fully. In the end, the flow of our life force energy through our chakras becomes inhibited.

There is a published theory that a dysfunction in a specific chakra can be seen as a dysfunction in the body, where they reflect or record every fear, discord, hateful, sorrowful, self-pitying event in our lives that we choose to hold on to.  For example, a person with a constriction in the fifth chakra may have physical symptoms such as a sore throat, tight shoulders or even hypothyroidism.   These physical symptoms may manifest in someone who is afraid to speak their truth, express themselves or their feelings or even cry.  As the flow of energy into the fifth chakra diminishes, the throat constricts and over time the associated organs begin to break down.


This same process can occur in each of our chakras.  Over the course of time and repetition, the more a chakra reduces the frequency vibrations it can receive it can manifest as a multitude of symptoms and a potentially chronic physical disease.

Inner energy flow might be something human beings frequently take for granted.  It is only when we notice the unhealthy effects of a malfunctioning chakra, sometimes not even because we tend to wait for worse things to happen before we take action on our failing physical and spiritual health.  Every aspect related to our health needs a tune-up once in awhile, and these includes our chakras and their vibrations.