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Misunderstandings of Reiki


Reiki has been around for a century and was discovered in the 20’s. Reiki isn’t meant to be a mysterious thing but as it has become more known, it has become more mystical in a sense.

A reiki master is someone that can understand what reiki does and after they are trained to be a master, they are able to help to get your energies flowing the right way and help to keep your chakras balanced.

Reiki is a type of energy healing that is a holistic treatment. It can be done as a therapy, and it is something that doesn’t have to be surrounded by mystical things. Reiki isn’t a type of witchcraft, psychic gift, or an alternative medicine but it has many benefits.

Energy Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing where the energy is channeled. It helps people to get rid of negative energy from their body and it can be done by yourself or by a reiki practitioner or reiki master.

Holistic Healing

Reiki helps people in their mind, body, and spirit. It can help to heal your emotions, energy, spiritual blockages and things in the mind and body that need fixed. If someone is experiencing pain in their body, reiki healing can be used to help the physical body.

Here are some things that reiki cannot do:

  • Find the root cause of the pain.
  • Take the pain away.
  • Heal the emotions of anger or frustration.

The point of reiki is that it heals all levels of the body as a whole. This is why it is a holistic healing. This means that it can help with pain by letting you release the negative energy that is associated with this pain. It can also calm the mind which can be the cause of sensations of pain.

Reiki On Its Own

Reiki doesn’t have to be used with meditation or any other practices and works on healing in its own way. It can be a stand-alone treatment and even though it can be used with other things, it isn’t always necessary.

Reiki and Witchcraft

Reiki isn’t a form of witchcraft and doesn’t use spells or other things like that. Once someone is trained in doing reiki, anyone can do it. It can be a parent, a judge, a doctor, or someone else. Anyone can learn reiki and they can do self-healing.

Reiki and Psychic Gifts

One of the biggest things that is wrong is that people think that reiki is a psychic gift. Reiki has been around for years, and it has to do with energy and not anything else. Some people that do reiki are gifted with psychic powers but there are things that aren’t as well. Reiki and psychic gifts are something that are completely different. You learn how to do reiki where psychic gifts are a natural thing that people have.

Instead of seeing reiki as a psychic gift, you have to dedicate yourself to the practice of it. It does use intuition so that you can know where the energy is blocked and where you can feel resistant in the body, but this is what the body is telling you and not the spiritual world.

A person that is trained in reiki is one that can learn to communicate with the body, and they can get information that can support healing such as what the person needs to eat, drink and to do so that they can better their condition.

Western Medicine and Reiki

Reiki isn’t something that is going to replace western medicine. There are some people that only want to do natural practices, and this is something that reiki is used for.

If you are someone that needs surgery, reiki isn’t going to take away this need. If you have cancer, reiki can’t be used to cure your cancer. Reiki can help to bring calmness to you before you have treatments or before you need to have western medicine done but it isn’t something that you can replace it with.

Reiki is a way of natural healing, and it can be used as a form of recovery from things that you do such as chemotherapy or radiation. It can also help to recover after surgeries. Reiki can be used alone or with some conditions and is a complementary kind of healing after any kind of treatment that you have done.

What Happens During a Session

Reiki can be done in person, or you can do it remotely. The reiki practitioner will help you to understand what your needs are and what concerns you might have before doing any treatment. It might seem strange that reiki can be done remotely but it can and all you need is an internet connection and a qualified reiki practitioner.

The client and the practitioner can connect remotely and do a distant reiki session. There are also ways that they can help such as if a person is on lockdown from things like Covid or if someone is stuck at home after having a baby or someone that is unable to leave due to work or other family situations. Reiki can be done wherever you are.

Understanding Reiki

Reiki is something that might cause people to feel fearful because they don’t know what it is. Reiki can help you though and as long as you get past the misunderstandings associated with reiki, you can understand that this is a kind of natural and holistic medicine that can help you.

There are people that have been using this kind of healing for years and years and other kinds of healings like Traditional Chinese medicine which also starts out a little scary until you understand it.

Reiki practitioners help people all over the world and you can learn more about reiki or get your own session done so that you can see the benefits of it for yourself.

Understanding Long-Distance Reiki

Long-Distance Reiki

Those that practice reiki learn that there are different symbols that can be used when doing reiki and this can include distance symbols. You can use reiki to send healing energy across a space that you aren’t in. This practice is called distance reiki and can be done during a session and is considered long-distance reiki.

Why Use Distance Reiki?

Distance reiki uses a distance symbol, and it can be done for someone across any kind of space or even any distance. It allows a reiki practitioner to help to get rid of blockages out of their client and can remove these blockages from past, present, and future without being in the room with them.

Distance reiki is something that works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity which is an ancient law. This law says that everything is made of energy and when you use this law for distance reiki the session can reach into the energy field of the client across time and space.

Understanding Long-Distance Reiki

Anyone can use long-distance reiki and it can be sent to anyone all over the world, no matter where the practitioner is at. There has to be permission that is received in some kind of way and when a practitioner is not present, the work can be done with crystals, pictures, and other things.

Some practitioners will say that these things aren’t necessary because reiki energy can just be sent by sending out energies and thoughts to that person.

There are some people that don’t believe in long-distance reiki, but the truth is that there is energy links to people all over the world. These sessions have been proven effective and can be done over the phone and no matter what the distance is, reiki can help and bring relaxation, power and even joy to the person getting it.

Everyone has energy and everything is made up of energy. Because of this, the energy can be transferred. There is Chi, Prana, and Qi energy and this is in everyone that is alive and every other living thing.  Distance reiki can bring healing for others. If you are someone that needs to have healing, you can speak to a practitioner, and they can help you to find this healing in your body.

Final Thoughts

Reiki is a type of healing that is done through moving energies throughout the body. If you are someone that has blockages in your chakras, reiki healing is a type of healing that might be beneficial for you.

There are ways that you can get reiki healing long-distance by speaking to a reiki practitioner. Even if your practitioner isn’t somewhere close to you, they can do reiki healing over the phone and they can help you to feel better in your mind, body, and soul.

How to Do Reiki


Reiki is a practice that can bring healing to your life. It can also get rid of things like depression, stress, addiction, heal the immune system and help with chronic pain. With reiki comes creativity and strength in your life.

There are different kinds of reiki that will bring energy to your life. When you do reiki on your own, you need to understand where to place the energy. If you need help, you can get a reiki master to help you.

Signs You Are Ready to Do Your Own Reiki

Here are some signs that you are ready to do your own reiki:

  • You Appreciate Yourself and Other Things

This is a time that you want to heal, and you desire to be better than you were. You also want to see the world become a better place and you are motivated to help yourself and others.

  • You Like Alternative Healing Methods

You have to believe in alternative healing methods in order for this to work. You might like things like:

  • Breathwork.
  • Yoga.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Bodywork.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Things Are Unexplainable That Happen to You

You are someone that embraces coincidences and synchronicities. You love the idea of being able to see things such as auras and healing from crystals and other things. You aren’t afraid of these things, and you want to explore them.

  • You Believe in the Universe

Maybe you are someone that believes in the universe and that the universe is guiding you through your life. You know that there is something bigger than who you are.

  • You Want Change

When you are ready for change, you will be one that is ready to practice reiki. Reiki is something that will help you to take your energies and to be stronger. When things no longer serve you, you are ready to get rid of them and replace them with something better. You create a space for yourself to reach your highest self.

Final Thoughts

Listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you and let it guide you. When you are ready to learn new healing techniques you will know. The perfect person will come into your life and will be ready to show you new and exciting healing ventures.

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Alternative Healing of Reiki

Healing of Reiki

Reiki readings are powerful, and it is considered an alternative healing method. Even though people think that Reiki is a new things, it has really been around since ancient times. It is something that has become popular and is one way to care about yourself.

Understanding Reiki

Reiki is when you can transfer energy from a healer to someone else’s body. They will take their hands and place them over or on the body and the energy will transfer to the body to the places that need healing.

Reiki means, Rei, which is a Japanese word that means universal, and which means life energy. Reiki workers will put their hands on different parts of the body, and they will open up the chakras and the energy centers in the human body.

Opening the Chakras

There are seven chakras that are found inside the body, and this goes from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine. The chakras are called wheels and each one of these move, pushing the energy through the body.

As energy flows up and down in the body, the balanced chakras can bring healing to the body. The body will be strong and healthy when the chakras are balanced but it can be sickly and out of whack when the chakras are blocked.

A blocked chakra can cause people to feel anxious, depressed, tired, and physically sick.

What is Closed?

Reiki can help to figure out which chakras are open and which ones are closed. As the energy flows through the body, Reiki is able to heal where the energy stops or isn’t moving correctly. As the energy flows through your body, you will see that you can relax, and you can start to feel healthy.

Reiki can bring healing and health to your body and can stop the pain from being too much to handle.

What Happens During a Reiki Reading?

During a Reiki reading, the healer will stand over the ailing body. They will do a reading for around 20 minutes or more. Reiki sessions are done when you are fully clothed, and you can lay down or you can sit up during the session.

There is no set place that Reiki has to be done and you just need a place that is going to be calm and without distractions. If you have any kind of injury, make sure that you tell the practitioner before they begin the treatment.

Attracting People Because of Your Energy

Attracting People Because of Your Energy

Do you ever go into a room and all the strangers around you surround you and want to tell you all about their problems both past and present? Do you have people that tell you about the problems that they have and the addictions that they have? These people have probably never told another soul about the things that they are telling you.

Think about how you would feel if people came up to you and started confessing crimes that they had committed or if they confess to crimes that other people have committed around them.

Energy Conduits

People that attract this kind of energy are often called energy conduits. These people are rare to find, and they are different because they make people want to tell them things, without ever doing anything.

Even though being this person is going to be rewarding to you when you go into another life, it can be hard to deal with because of the pain that people share with you. This is a person that is a psychic and they are able to look deep into the souls of everyone around them. This can be a place where you feel lost and stuck.

What is a Conduit?

A conduit is a person that is spiritual, and they change the feelings of the room around them. They are people that brings out both the good and bad that people have that are around them. This will be someone that will be able to see everything about your soul, the things that are hidden and the things that come out in the light.

If you have this personality, chances are that you are able to see the things inside of yourself that have also been hidden such as:

  • Childhood problems.
  • Abuse.
  • Addictive personalities.
  • Disorders.

The problem with someone that has this gift is that they often deny their own emotions and the anger and hurt that they have felt throughout their life eventually becomes a lead in their life. As they become a parent or a guardian to others, they often have a hard time dealing with their own issues. The conduit personality will not be the only person that is around you, but they will feel like it as you share your personal and dark secrets with them.

What Does a Conduit Do?

Even though the conduit is the person that is the listener, they become part of the problems that other people have. They are the ones that are there to hear things but then they are also the ones that have to carry the burden. They have to pretend that they are good until they start to remember all of the problems that were laid on them over and over again.

Sometimes, they are in a place where they have felt rejected by life and they isolate themselves because they need this alone time. They are also people that are often angry, and they are also emotional.

Sometimes it seems like people around a conduit are not able to help themselves with spreading what is going on in their life. The Conduit will be able to take the energy and make it go slower or faster and they are protected in their own spiritual self. They are people that often do work or spells and sometimes when they are around people that share things, they can get ill.

As a spiritual or energy conduit, when people come into your life, it will be a time in their life that they are going through something hard. They need someone to guide them to what to do next and the process can be hard. They need someone to help them to get over things that are hurtful or scary.

This could be someone that remembers being abused as a child and they need someone to give them light and to help them to face the loss. Or it could be someone that has just recently given up their addiction and they need someone to help them to keep moving forward.

Fighting The Work

It can be hard for some people to be a conduit. This is especially true if you are young and if you haven’t been doing spiritual work for very long. You might have to learn how to live through these things and learn to suppress memories that pop up after helping someone. It is easier for a conduit to hide their anger than to take it out on someone.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you are going through, if you find a conduit, they are the easiest person to express yourself to. You can scream at them, cry with them or you can talk to them. They are the people that will be there to guide you and to love you.

This doesn’t mean that they are fully changed and spiritual, it just means that they are learning about who they are and who the world around them is. They have let go of their ego and their pride and they are on a path in life that will help to make them purpose. What is your life path?

Will Reiki Benefit Your Energy?


If you are someone that is stressed, has blockages, trouble sleeping or pain, trying Reiki might be right for you. Reiki is a kind of Japanese energy healing that has been around since the early 20th century.

There is a life force energy that everyone has and according to Reiki, a practitioner can run their hands above the persons body to help heal and get rid of stress. This can help the energy to move the way that it is supposed to move.

Thousands of people in the United States have tried Reiki. Reiki is something that is becoming popular in the United States because of the idea that it helps with things including:

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Pain.
  • Depression.
  • Blocked energy.

Understanding Reiki

Reiki is a kind of energy healing that the practitioner can guide you through. This can also be done on your own so that you can do self-healing. Reiki is something that opens up your energies so that it will flow correctly.

You need to be open to the energy healing and it can help to make you feel better in your overall wellbeing. Reiki is a combined Japanese word that is “rei,” which means “God’s wisdom,” and “ki,” which means, “life force energy.” The Ki energy is the life force energy that causes all living things to move and to be alive and together the Reiki is the overall spiritual energy.

According to Japanese traditions, Reiki is something that helps to open up the energy channels and to improve overall health. As the energy is opened up, it can help with the body, mind, and soul.

Reiki is similar to meditation and is a spiritual practice that is often used as therapy for people. It is not associated with any specific religion, and it is taught on three different levels.

First Level

The first level is when there is light touch on the body.

Second Level

This is when the practitioner does distance healing, and the person doesn’t have to be there.

Third Level

On this level, the practitioner can teach Reiki and the person can do it on their own.

Understanding Energy Healing

Energy healing is something that people don’t really understand. Even science doesn’t quite understand how energy healing works even though people have their ideas of what makes it special.

Some believe that since there is an electromagnetic field surrounding where we live, it affects everyone. This is something that goes out 15 feet from the body and most things inside the body, such as the heart, also have an electrical field. Since the heart, brain and other body parts have an electrical field, Reiki is thought to create a magnetic field, helping to heal this energy.

Since there is an interaction between the two things, Reiki can be used to heal the body’s functions and the body. There are vibrations that happen in everyone, and it can change the psychological functions that people have.

Even quantum physics shows that there are different particles that make up matter including photons, protons, electrons, neutrons and more. These are all energy interactions. The particles that are found can be at more than one place at a time and this can cause the particles to act differently, wherever they are.

Reiki practitioners can look at the thoughts and intentions of the client and they can use these things in order to help heal their energy.

Why Get Reiki?

There are different benefits of getting Reiki including the fact that it helps with emotional problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, sleeping problems and even pain. Research has shown that people that get this kind of healing often have improved sleep and an improved mood.

People that have chronic sicknesses like cancer can get this kind of energy healing and it can help to improve pain. Since it is harder to heal when you are stressed or anxious, Reiki can help to improve your mood and can get rid of stress and anxiety that can allow your body to heal.

Reiki helps people to relax, and this can help to heal the damage that people have through natural healing. Even doing one Reiki session can help to improve your nervous system and can help you to be calm and in control of your being.

As the brain moves information in and out, the nervous system will cause your body to relax or to have a fight or flight situation. Therefore, by getting this in control, you can also improve your heart rate, breathing, digestion and blood pressure.

Having stress in your body can cause a lack of sleep and it can cause hormones such as epinephrine to be released. This can happen when you are always stressed and can lead your body into overdrive, which can lead to other health problems.

People that are stressed will often experience burnout and this can cause them to lower their immune system. Getting Reiki, a couple times a week can bring calmness to the body and can help you to live a better life. Reiki is considered a form of therapy that can balance your overall body. It should never replace your regular medical care.

History of Reiki

Reiki is something that has been around since the 1920’s and is known in the United States, now more than ever. Reiki was practiced in Japan prior to this and was often used after meditation and fasting. Dr. Usui thought that Reiki energy healing would help people to be more aware and to feel healthier, having a lower heart rate and changes in the cortisol levels.

Other people such as nurses, doctors and other medical staff started using Reiki and they have found that it benefits people both inpatient and outpatient. It is beneficial for those that have chronic sicknesses such as AIDS, cancer and more.

Risks of Reiki

There are no risks of doing Reiki. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure that the Reiki practitioner is knowledgeable of what they are doing or else it won’t be Reiki at all. They should be someone that has worked under a Reiki master for some point and time. Reiki is something that isn’t usually covered by insurance, and it will be out of pocket cost.

It is important to discuss getting Reiki with your mental health provider if you have a mental disorder such as anxiety or PTSD because it can increase the nervous system. You should trust your Reiki practitioner and keep them updated if you feel strange during the session.

What Happens During Reiki

Reiki sessions are normally between an hour or 90 minutes. You will spend most of the time lying on a table and clothed. If you can’t lay flat, your practitioner can get you a recliner chair or table.

It is best to wear clothes that are comfortable and loose so that you aren’t restricted. You can dress in layers if you get cold easily or hot easily. You might have to lay on your stomach some so don’t wear accessories that can get you tangled.

As you do your session, your practitioner will put their hands on or close to your body in different positions. This can be around your shoulders, head, stomach, feet, and other parts of your body. They will keep the position for around 3 to 10 minutes. They might or might not talk to you while they are doing the session but there will normally be very little talking.

The best part of this session is to relax, and you might even fall asleep. This is a time where you might go into a meditative state so that you can relax your nervous system and get rid of stress and anxiety.

Finding a Reiki Practitioner

Not every has Reiki therapy and the best way to find one in your area is to look online. Anyone can get an online certification so make sure that you find one that is high quality. There are different organizations that are known for Reiki training all over the world. Make sure that you find one that is licensed or certified in your area.

It will depend on where you go as to how much you will pay, some cots as much as $60 for a 50- or 60-minute session. Some will be less, and others will cost a little more. Insurance might cover your Reiki, but this is unlikely. Check with your insurance before you make plans for attending a therapy session.

Understanding Reiki


Do you need some kind of physical or emotional healing from a trauma that you experienced in your life? Reiki is a practice that can help to heal your life-force energy and it can be done by human beings. Humans, plants, animals and organisms are full of energy and when Reiki is used, it taps into the energy to make changes for the organism that are good. If a person has pain in their body or mind, reiki can sometimes help them.

Understanding Reiki

Reiki works when a practitioner uses their own bodies in order to transfer their own personal energy into the clients energy. This energy is considered the life-force and they are able to look at the situation and see what is causing the client to feel bad. They can put their hands over the part of the body that is sick and as they move their hands, it changes the energies. This can cause the person to feel better.

There is also spot treatment that can allow the practitioner to help to fix the energies in one specific spot. This is sometimes even called Reiki distance healing. This can be done even if the person is not in the same area.

Positive Energy

One think about reiki is that it will positively charge the energy field and this can help the client to get rid of things such as stress or anxiety. Other mental disorders can be looked at and the energies can be changed from negative to positive. This happens when the energy flows out of the body.

It is important for the client to accept the treatment and if someone is not open to it or they have a mental block then the treatment will not work. Reiki can bring life to your energies and a skilled reiki master can prepare for the treatment with guided meditation.

Where Did Reiki Come From?

Reiki was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui. He was a Buddhist and would practice different Japanese practices such as swordsmanship. He was educated and he became interested in medicine and the spiritual world. He wanted to find ways to heal people with touch and energies.

Usui wanted the methods that he did to be secular though so that someone didn’t have to be spiritual in order to use the treatment. Mrs. Takata visited Dr. Usui to get a treatment of Reiki and she loved what it did for her. She started studying this treatment and started the practice back in the United States in 1920. Reiki has been a spiritual and healing technique for people all over the Western world.

Reiki Now

Reiki is the same kind of treatment that was around when Dr. Usui created it. This is something that is still done today. Reiki has different treatments depending on what the person needs and some will use their own style.

The same kind of energy movement and energy fields are there but the practitioner might help to find what is ailing the client in a different manner. Some will move their hands fast around the body and some will concentrate on one area. Some will use reiki as part of other treatments such as therapy or medicine. Reiki is a way that the world can experience energy healing. Reiki can be used on its own or with other treatments.

Principles of Reiki

There are five core principles of reiki that Dr. Usui would use. These help to focus on how the person lives and the different things that they need to do in order to change. Each of the principles will have a statement that says, “just for today,” showing that when someone wants to change for the good that they can take small steps and get there eventually. Everyone has to face what they have in front of them one step at a time if they want to make it work out. Reiki can be used with these statements including:

  • Just for today I will not worry. People are often stressed, and this can cause them to have physical and mental disorders. Dr. Usui taught that people can find peace inside of themselves and leave the stress behind.
  • Just for today I will not get angry. Those that get angry fast can have health problems. Learn to breathe in and out when you are upset and let these feelings go.
  • Just for today I will be thankful. Being thankful can help you to be more positive. It can help you to focus your energy on what you are happy about in life.
  • Just for today I will be honest. Life is better when people are living an honest life. The Law of Attraction says if you put positive things in the universe, it will come back to you.
  • Just for today I will be kind. Being kind can help you to create positive energy for yourself and for others.

Science and Reiki

Reiki is a kind of treatment that is used for medical purposes. Science looks at reiki as a treatment that helps people to be more mindful. This can help people to get rid of stress and to learn to be patient in things going on in their life.

Those that are getting medical treatments like chemotherapy will often choose reiki to help heal their energy and give them calmness. This can help to reduce stress and to make someone feel better in their spiritual being.

Benefits of Reiki

There are many benefits of reiki such as:

  • Increasing the energy flow.
  • Reducing negative energy.
  • Helps get rid of blockages.
  • Gets rid of stress and anxiety.
  • Gives mental clarity.
  • Helps to feel more connected to the universe.
  • Gives an understanding of energy.
  • Helps them to be more in tuned spiritually.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Moves the flow of energy through the body.
  • Shifts the energy.
  • Creates balance.
  • Redirects the energy.
  • Leaves the body in harmony and balance.
  • Promotes mental clarity.
  • Gives a peaceful state.
  • Helps people to be calm.
  • Helps people to cope.
  • Disconnects from past negative issues.
  • Disconnects from future issues.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Fights against depression.

Doing Reiki on Your Own

People often wonder if you can do your own reiki treatment and this is true. The same hand placement can be done on your own body. The person needs to be in a position that is comfortable that allows them to move their hands around.

Doing reiki on your own will not do the same exact thing as going to a practitioner but it can definitely make you feel more tuned into your own emotions and feelings. You never have to be alone when you are wanting a reiki treatment.

Doing your own reiki can help you to connect with yourself stronger. It can help you to feel better in your energies and to not feel as sad or depressed if you are suffering. Doing your own reiki can help you to have a calm mind and give you more inner wisdom. This can also help you to connect and balance yourself in your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. As you feel the calmness come to you, you will be thankful for what your energies give you.

Reiki and Animals

Reiki can be done on animals. Animals have strong intuition, and they are receptive to energy healing. They will respond naturally to reiki treatments that humans give them. This can be used for animals that are anxious or stressed.

Doing reiki on animals can help you to have a better bond with them and can help you to exchange energy in their energy field. Reiki can be done, and this can allow you to connect with your animal on a new level. If your animal is suffering from trauma, this is especially helpful to get rid of negative energies.

Final Thoughts

Reiki is a calming treatment that can help almost anyone. It is there to help people to have the help that they need to make their energies stronger and better. Reiki affects your mind, body and soul and when you see a reiki practitioner, you will see that it can become part of your health routine.

Do you want to know more about reiki? If so, you can look online and find many resources that can help you. If you are a beginner, get the guidance that you need to learn more about reiki so that you can do it on yourself or even on your animals.

Understanding How Reiki Works


Reiki is a new age type of alternative healing, but it isn’t new. This is a form of energy healing that has been around since ancient times. Reiki is known to balance energy and to bring healing to the qi or ki.

Understanding Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word that means vital life force energy. This is the energy that flows through living things. All living things have energy and Reiki is a way to balance the energy without needles or other tools.

Reiki is an alternative medicine where the practitioner will put their hands above the part of the body that is unbalanced, and the energy of their own body will heal the energies that are blocked.

Energy blocks stop the flow of energy from happening and it can cause negativity in the body and can cause there to be health problems. Not only that, having negative energy flow can affect your finances and your relationships. All energy blocks can be healed through Reiki and the practitioner focuses on where the energy is blocked and opens it for the client.

History of Reiki

There are over 30 different kinds of Reiki but most of it is called Usui. This has been taught in Japan since the 1900’s and was formed by Dr. Makao Usui. This kind of Reiki became more popular in the 1930’s and was a way to heal the mind and the body. It was also used to heal physical conditions of the lungs, the nervous system and more. The healings that have been done have caused people to want to know more about Reiki.

There are over 22 training students that are taught by Takata, which was a Reiki that was established by a Reiki master in California.

What Happens During Reiki

Reiki is something that can be done in one session. The sessions can be short or long. There is no massage unless the practitioner does this kind of therapy as well. During the Reiki session, the practitioner will do remote healing.

The practitioner and the client will be in the same room and the client will lay upward with their clothes on. They will talk about what they are feeling and then they will talk about the healing process. The session can start with meditation and there will be hand movements that go over the clients body, usually not touching them. Sometimes the client will need to lay face down.

The practitioner will do what is best for the client and they will visualize the client being healed. They will set positive intentions for what is good for the client. Reiki will do the healing that is needed.

Most of the sessions will last around 30 minutes to an hour. This will be a good amount of time to spend talking and finding what kind of blockages are there.


Most Reiki involves relaxation which can help the body to heal. When patients are put into session of Reiki, they are shown how to relax and they will even be listening to relaxing music to help them. This will calm the nervous system and help them to regulate their breathing and their blood pressure.

People that have had a heart attack in the past might want to try Reiki because it can teach them how to control their heart rate and to use relaxation as a benefit to their entire body.

Sleeping and Mood

Reiki can help to regulate and boost sleeping and the mood. Getting Reiki can lessen depression and stress and can get rid of pain. Reiki can also help people that have a hard time sleeping. Those that get Reiki a couple times each week will have a significant change in their depression and in their sleeping habits.

Physical Pain

Reiki has helped to get rid of pain after surgery. This can be pain in the shoulders, the knee and more. This can improve the quality of life for patients that have experienced a lot of pain. People with rheumatoid arthritis or those that have cancer treatments can also benefit from this.

Research has even shown that those that get reiki will have a better life and they will have less pain than those who don’t get it.

Side Effects of Reiki

There are no side effects of getting Reiki. This is because the treatment is non-invasive and the client doesn’t even feel anything sometimes during and even after the session. Some will report having more energy or feeling heat. This can help with emotions though and can help the client to learn to relax better.

Reiki practitioners don’t have to take licensing or boards but there is a code of ethics that they follow. You can reach Reiki master which is the highest Reiki training that you can get. It is important to connect with someone that you trust when doing Reiki.

One risk of Reiki is that it is not something that should replace medicine or medical help. This should just be used as a therapy and is not a substitute for real doctors or surgery that is needed. Also, it is important to note that Reiki is a spiritual practice just like yoga and if you aren’t wanting to be put into a spiritual situation then this isn’t a good idea for you.

Reiki Studies

Some believe that Reiki can help with different things including pain, stress, depression and more. Research doesn’t show that this is true, but people will say that it has helped them.

Some believe that there are statistics that show that Reiki can help people in their mind, body and emotions. Studies have shown that there is no real known basis that Reiki can benefit people that need healing or that need to be free of pain.

Reiki practitioners will warn you that this isn’t something that should be used to cure your sickness or disease. They suggest that you use it in lieu of going to the doctor or getting the treatment that you need.

Cost of Getting Reiki

Reiki can go from $80 to $175 dollars. This can be an hour session. You can find Reiki practitioners around you by looking up the Reiki Alliance or the International Reiki Association or the International Association of Reiki Practitioners. They offer a tool to help you find people close to your area.

What is the Honeymoon Phase?

Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase is the beginning stages of a relationship. This is the time in the relationship that people have fun, and they can’t get enough of each other. This is when your brain is open to new things, and you cannot wait for your partner to love on you and to kiss you.

This is a great time, and it can be the time where people begin to really fall in love. But the problem is, when this part of the relationship ends, things can get hard.

What is the Honeymoon Phase?

This is the time where the relationship starts. This is when you cannot stop missing each other and when you cannot get enough of each other. You are interested in each other, and this is the idea that you are truly in love.

You are sure that you have met the person that you are meant to be with and that you have hit the ultimate prize. You don’t worry that you won’t be together forever because you feel like you will.

How Long Will This Last?

The honeymoon phase normally can last up to three years. This is a time where you are madly in love with each other. You can keep the honeymoon stage to keep going if you try to do things the same and keep the excitement.

How to Know You’re in the Honeymoon Phase

A honeymoon phase is being in a new relationship. It is when the relationship seems perfect. You wait for your partner to message you back and you get excited when you see them. Here are some signs that you are in the honeymoon phase:

  • You have a strong attraction: You feel that this person is the best person ever and they bring you pure happiness. Even if they touch you, you feel that electricity. You want to be with them every step of the way.
  • You never have enough time with them: No matter how much time you spend together, it never seems enough. You are having hormones that are making you feel infatuated with this person. This gives you a mental high.
  • The energy in the relationship keeps increasing: You can’t stop thinking about them and you feel adrenaline every time you are around them. You keep the energy strong.
  • They make you smile: They make you smile every time you are with them. They make you feel giddy and like a school girl. You aren’t smiling just with your mouth but with your soul.
  • You make out often: You are always wanting to touch each other and to be close with each other. You have moments where you feel better than life itself.
  • Your focus is strictly on them: You want to pay attention to everything that they do. You notice nothing except them. You are connected in a passionate and loving way. You stay focused on everything that they do, and you want to give your whole life to them.

When the Honeymoon Phase Ends

Once the honeymoon phase ends, this is a time you really become a couple. This is the time where you will have a deeper connection. Couples at this point should be relaxed with each other. They know your vulnerability and your weaknesses, and you are still important to them.

After the Honeymoon Phase

When the honeymoon phase ends, you will see the changes of each other. You won’t experience the intensity of the relationship and you will not be blinded by your thoughts and feelings. You will know your partner and you will see that things aren’t exactly like you thought.

Here are some signs you are out of the honeymoon phase:

  • You begin to notice their flaws: These things can be annoying to you.
  • The nagging is happening: You realize they aren’t meeting the expectations you have.
  • You don’t care to look your best anymore: You might come out with your hair a mess and no makeup on, and you don’t care.
  • This is a time that you don’t spend as much time together: You don’t balance all of your time to be with them. You spend time with others instead.
  • You are super comfy with each other: This can be a problem because you are no longer watching what you say or do.
  • You are confident in your relationship with them: You know that you are together, and you know that you are important to them. You don’t worry about the relationship ending and you aren’t anxious about it anymore.

Making the Honeymoon Phase Last

The honeymoon phase can last as long as you try to make the relationship stay exciting. It takes work to be in a relationship and you have to keep the intensity alive. Pay attention to your partner and make sure that you are connecting with each other.

Enjoy each phase of the relationship and make sure that it is always special. Staying forever in the honeymoon phase can be exciting but you can keep this alive even if you leave that phase. Keep yourself and your partner happy so that the relationship can last.