Applications of Reiki

Applications of Reiki

Reiki is Japanese referrals term for Universal life it the origin of energy and life force that ensures we stay alive and well. Most people do not understand the importance of Reiki in our lives. Truth is it requires a different point of view beyond the five sense organs we already have.

Reiki is that energy going through all living beings as “Life”. Every living being has, therefore, the ability to channel this Reiki. It omnipresent, all over the universe. Reiki Master Teachers exist to train individuals on how to channel this energy. This process is referred to as attunement and after that one is able to channel this power for self-healing and healing others. The attunement lasts forever and is always available in case required.

But why undergo attunement?

Since it’s life energy, Reiki is able to cleanse, heal and provide energy at the cellular level, improving body tissues, organs and endocrine glands and also develop your immunity. It cleans mental faculties, leaving us with pure thoughts and actions. We end up living a happy and harmonious life.

Applications of Reiki:

  1. Healing through Reiki gets rid of stress and tension, leaving muscles relaxed and getting rid of the pressure.
  2. it can take away pain and sores, shortly after applying Reiki hands on the affected areas
  3. It helps get rid of native thoughts and assist people to accept realities in life, accepting oneself.
  4. In bad or negative situations, Reiki can help prevent our mental modules from responding negatively and avoiding harm or damage.
  5. Provides clarity and sharpens one’s intellect
  6. It can help reignite relationships and restore love and understanding between couples
  7. Reiki energy can be sent to a future event like marriage or any other to ensure they all occur as anticipated
  8. It improves our spiritual awareness and sharpens a sixth sense, providing an amazing spiritual growth.
  9. Its fosters peace, harmony and proper understanding among people ie family, work of the professional committee
  10. It fosters mental and physical wellbeing. It introduces positivity to the recipients of Reiki healing.

All these benefits are brought about by firsthand experience of a healing session. Kindly try one.


  1. The concept of attunement and channeling universal life energy is intriguing. I wonder how it aligns with other energy-based healing practices.

  2. While the claims about Reiki are compelling, it’s important to approach them with a critical mind. Further scientific research could help validate these benefits.

  3. The notion of sending Reiki energy to future events is quite unique. I would be interested in learning how practitioners measure the effectiveness of such practices.

  4. Reiki, as described in the article, seems to offer numerous benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. It’s worth exploring further for those interested in alternative healing methods.

  5. The article provides an interesting perspective on Reiki. It’s fascinating to think about the concept of universal life energy and its purported benefits.

  6. I appreciate the detailed explanation of Reiki and its potential applications. However, I would like to see more empirical evidence supporting these claims.


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