Affirmations That Can Work for You

Affirmations That Can Work for You

Using positive affirmations can help you to be more confident and happier in your life. If you need to change your beliefs or you need to attract love, money or joy then saying affirmations can help you to change your negative thoughts to positive thinking.

These different phrases can be said over and over until you believe them. You need to practice these affirmations every day if you want them to change your life and help you reach you goals of peace and happiness.

It is best to come up with your own affirmations to say but some examples would be, “I am worthy of love,” or “Everything that happens to me is mean to be.” Here are some ideas that you can use to make your own affirmations.

Negative Qualities

Write down your negative qualities in a list. You might wonder how this is helpful, but the truth is that we all have negative things that we have attached to ourselves. Maybe we were made fun of when we were young or maybe we were talked about because we weren’t the smartest in the class. Write these things down and pay attention to how they make you feel.

When you write them what happens with your stomach? Does it make you have butterflies or make your body tense?

Negative to Positive

Take these negative things that you have written down and change them to something positive. Your affirmations do not have to be complicated, but they can be simple such as, “I am worthy to be loved.”

Life Situation

Create affirmations that can help you with what you are dealing with right now. Create positive sayings about your job, your relationships, and your health. You can even use these to bring money and finances to you.

You can say things such as “I am able to impress people at work because I work hard, and I am smart.” These things can make you feel that you are in control of your life.

Repeat the Affirmations

Take time each day to repeat these affirmations. The more you say them the more you will believe them. Just like everything else that you want to do, saying these affirmations can be practice making your life better.

Do these affirmations while you are doing other things such as walking, fixing your makeup, shaving, gardening, resting on the couch or whenever you have the chance to say them.

If you are uncomfortable saying these things out loud, record yourself saying them and play it over and over until it really sticks.

Fix Your Affirmations

Make your affirmations make you to feel happy and to get rid of stress and tension in your life. Just like how your negative affirmations made you feel bad is the same way that your positive affirmations will make you feel happy and free in your body.


  1. The emphasis on daily practice and repetition seems essential for the affirmations to be effective. Consistency is key in any form of self-development.

  2. Creating affirmations related to current life situations is a practical approach. It makes the process more relevant and tailored to individual needs.

  3. The idea of linking physical sensations to negative thoughts is intriguing. It could make the process of creating positive affirmations more visceral and effective.

  4. The article provides a clear, structured approach to using affirmations for self-improvement. It’s interesting to think about how personalized phrases can influence one’s mindset over time.

  5. I appreciate the step-by-step method for transforming negative thoughts into positive affirmations. This could be a useful tool for many people looking to improve their mental health.

  6. The suggestion to record oneself and listen to the affirmations repeatedly is an innovative idea. It could be particularly helpful for those who are not comfortable speaking out loud.


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