A Beginner’s Guide to the 7 Chakras & Healing Crystals


Having balanced chakras is essential to one’s holistic wellbeing.  Chakra derives the Sanskrit word for wheel.  The chakra system is a main part of ancient Indian teachings called the Vedas dating back to 1500 – 500 BCE.  The system is considered as “energy vortexes within us, where energy can both enter and leave.”  Each of the seven chakra is housed in a particular region of our body and is associated with different ailments.  At time life can cause our chakras to shift out of ailment and become clogged with negative energy.  This negativity can produce emotional, mental and physical distress.  To ensure you enjoy more easy and peaceful days its essential to maintain a clear and balanced chakra system.

Finding time to focus on your chakras can help rejuvenate and replenish your body’s energy and open both your heart and mind to new opportunities, mindfulness and inner peace.  This can help us meet each day with confidence and grace.  We must be aware that pain and trauma can be stored in our chakras.  By practicing chakra work, you can clear this lingering heaviness and grow spiritually and creatively.  This inner work will be difficult.  You will need to process your pain and endure some heaviness in a chakra(s) that is connected to the trauma.  You must deeply feel each emotion in order to fully release it.  Self-care techniques like journaling, mediation, crystal or energy work, bolstering your intuition, yoga and breathwork can be impactful.  Explore methods that feel right to you as there is no right or wrong way to balance your chakras.

Seven charkas exist, starting from the crown of your head stemming to the base of your pelvis.  We have listed ailments associated with each point and crystals that can be use to optimize energy flow and healing:

  • Crown (above your head): Emotional regulation, connection and receptivity.  Governed by the colors white, gold, and lavender.  Use crystals like clear quartz (clear and amplify vibrations), selenite (clearing and protection), and lepidolite (attracts abundance and blessings).
  • Third Eye (between your eyes): Inner vision, understanding reality, receptivity, awareness, and complex thinking. Governed by the colors purple and indigo.  Use crystals like amethyst (soothes the mind and promotes emotional clarity) and sodalite (eases the mind, promotes truthfulness and mental clarity).
  • Throat (center of the throat): Self-expression, owning your truth, voicing opinions, and overcoming fears. Governed by the color royal blue. Use crystals like angelite (reduces tension or stress) and lapis lazuli (promotes the quest for truth).
  • Heart (center of the sternum): Love, kindness, empathy, compassion, and acceptance.  Governed by the color bright green.  Use crystals like rose quartz (unconditional love and energy movement) and green serpentine (soothes and reassures the heart and mind).
  • Solar Plexus (two inches above the navel): Self-confidence, claiming your power, and forward movement.  Governed by the color bright yellow.  Use crystals like tiger’s eye (promotes confidence and claiming your power) and citrine (recharges energy).
  • Sacral (above the pubic bone): Passion, creativity, sexuality.  Governed by the color bright orange.  Use crystals like orange calcite (creativity and sexual health) and carnelian (rids you of negative or unhelpful thoughts).
  • Root (coccyx): Safety, grounding, and stability.  Governed by the color deep red.  Use crystals like shungite (protects the physical body, especially from radiation, and maintains a sense of grounding) and black tourmaline (converts negative energy into positive vibrations, and powerful protection).

It is normal to experience imbalance chakras and lacking clarity to the point it can occur daily.  Work to check in with yourself throughout the day to see if you feel angry, clogged, anxious, afraid or lethargic.  Then assess which chakras need to be rebalanced and restored.

Below we have included four tricks you begin using today to help heal and balance your chakras:

  1. Strive to have a healthy diet and if possible, eat the rainbow. Corresponding colors of chakras points can profoundly aid in optimizing their function.
  2. Place a crystal of the chakra’s governing color atop its physical location. Ask your angels and guides to clear, balance and align your chakras.
  3. Smudging your auric field and physical spaces you frequent can aid it balancing chakras with calming your mind. It can be essential in fostering peace and clarity on the energetic level, which ultimately benefits your chakra health.
  4. Try the following meditation. Begin by cleansing your auric field and chakra crystals with palo santo or sage.  This will purge any lingering negativity or low vibrations so you can meditate peacefully.  Ask your God Squad (guides, deities, angels, Ascendent Masters, etc.) to be with you during the practice and to help you receive only the highest, purest divine source of truth possible.  Picture a white light bubbling within you and expanding all around you for full spiritual protection.  Ask your guides to help ground you by repeating your name three times in your own head to encourage your spirit to feel safe in your body and reassure you that you will perceive your chakras as they truly are.  Start by locating your root chakra with closed eyes and open your third eye to receive spiritual insight.  Ask your higher power to help clear, balance and align your root chakra.  Take deep diaphragmic breaths through your nose and out your mouth. Envision all toxic and lower vibrational energies flowing out of you and transmuting into the white Divine Light.  Repeat this practice for each ascending chakra point, next visiting your sacral chakra and finishing with the crown chakra.  Finish by zippering up each chakra point, with the exception of the third eye and crown chakras, both front and back for maximum protection.  For the third eye and crown chakra envision a blossoming flower around each of these points, both front and back, which will protect them while allow them to remain open so your can receive spiritual messages.

Check in with your chakras daily and balance them on a regular basis so you can have optimal mental, emotional and physical health.  Follow your intuition for the best way to practice chakra balancing and enjoy the lost lasting benefits of spiritual and energetic wellness.


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