5 Problems with Being an Empath

5 Problems with Being an Empath

Everything we know in the world is comprised of electrical energy.  The way we interact with the resulting vibrations influence affects our perception of the experience.  For highly sensitive people, like empath, even the subtlest of variations in energy can be intense.

Our neuron system mirrors the electrical frequency and allows empaths to inherently sense what another may be feeling in a given moment.  When empaths observe a person’s actions, the corresponding region in their brain lights up.  Essentially the empath’s brain acts as if they were performing that experience.  Even more intense is a rare occurrence called mirror-touch synesthesia, where one’s visual and tactile sense merge to the point a people can “feel” their body being touched while watching how another body is touched.

It can be difficult to be an empath.  At times people wish to turn off their gift to make their lives seem easier or so they can “fit in.”  But at the moments you less expect it, you can truly understand what a blessing this skill truly is.  Perhaps you have a memory of helping someone through a crisis that they hadn’t previously been able to vocalize.  Through your innate sense of knowing, you could say or act in a manner that most resonated with them and alleviated their pain.  This is because emotions are a finely tuned instrument for any empath.

Empath experience the world in an incredibly intense manner, and rarely rationalize their feelings.  Instead, they are governed by their intuition.  They thrive in serving others and fostering harmony with their communities and the world around them.  They are excellent listener and are loyal friends who experience energies in a unique way.  However, all is not easy for empaths.  There can be a dark shadow side empaths must traverse, including the stress of processing other people’s emotions.

In order to fully embrace your talents being an empath, here are five problems that you must learn how to address in order to optimize your wellness:

  1. You have to balance two opposing spiritual forces: Empaths feel profound levels of positive and negative emotions constantly.  All this conflicting energy is stored within their hearts.  This causes an overabundance of stress and if not managed properly the empath may fall victim to the stresses in their live and around them.
  2. Knowing the extent of evil in the world, makes them vulnerable to toxicity and energy vampires: Sometimes being and empath is like being a walking open book.  Energy vampires can sense their receptivity and target them repeatedly because empaths are natural helpers and healers.  Likewise, getting constantly bombarded with negative energy and the extent of how living beings hurt can be very draining on an empath and they can accidently make external pain their own.
  3. Empaths over absorb energies all day long: Endless exposure to external energies are draining on an empath.  No matter how hard they try not to show this struggle to world around them, an empath’s body will always keep score.  Over the years this relentless attack of negativity can cause physical, mental, and spiritual wounds to an empath unless they learn how to manage their energy absorption better.
  4. When in love, an empath cannot fully devote themselves to their partner: People all day long are sharing their emotions, thoughts, and experiences with an empath.  This can make it seem like there is whole village in the middle of an empath’s relationship.  The empath must learn to keep a little piece of them tuck away as a method of survival and thus can accidently put-up inappropriate guards.  They must learn to work with their partner and a therapist on how to love fully and help people in need safely.
  5. Consistently dealing with inner conflict can cause empaths additional stress: Empath constantly must navigate between positive and negative vibrations.  The toxic emotions are particular overwhelming and can cause self-destructive behaviors.  Empaths can manage this inner battle by identifying internal and external emotions or thoughts.  Then they must work to release the external experiences and prioritize their own feelings.

Not everything is good in an empath’s life.  Constant exposure to heavy emotions can cause empaths to ignore their own needs to the point their health suffers.  Empaths must learn how to set and maintain limits to their assistance.  It is not their duty to solve the world’s problems.