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Spiritual Energy

5 Essentials of Spiritual Energy Healing

Energy healing is a powerful tool that anyone can harness.  However, it is often not well understood and many misconnections abound.  In order for you tap into your full spiritual potential, we have compiled a list of five key points on energy healing.

  1. Throughout history, humanity has studied energy healing:  Chinese medicine instructed people about utilizing chakras, meridians and Reiki.  Although most prevalent in Eastern traditions, human culture has been rich with ways people could tap into the Divine power to heal the human form.  Throughout history, people have viewed internal energy as a powerful instrument of goodness and holistic repair.
  2. Energy healing as a science: During our science classes we learned everything is comprised of molecules.  Even in solid forms, molecules are vibrations are a differing rate.  This is also true of our body.  When someone mentions a location as having “good vibes” they are picking up on positive higher vibrations that producing a calming sensation.  If you walk into a space where a fight has recently occurred you may notice the linger negative effects as a heaviness or constricting feeling in your body.
  3. You don’t have to be “spiritual” to benefit from spiritual healing: It doesn’t matter your spiritual or religious path to tap into energy healing.  You only need to maintain an open mindset.  Look at energy healing as a bonus to your existing self-care routine.  Consider visiting and energy healer as a way to jumpstart your efforts to reduce stress, anxiety and resistance to change. Energy healing also pairs well with your existing medical care practice.
  4. Energy healing is omnipresent: Everywhere you look you can find an opportunity for energy healing.  You can research qualified Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, massage therapists, reflexologists, or crystal healers online.  You can also choose to take matters into your own hands and spend ample time in nature like walking along a beach or allocating a few hours to gardening.
  5. Do energy work at home: Make energy healing a part of your daily self-care routine.  Just like you clean your body and teeth regularly, so too should you cleanse your home.  Smudging your home clears negative vibrations from your living spaces and can revitalize your house.  Ensure you allocate time for meditation as well.  This powerful practice is one of the strongest ways to shift your vibrations into a higher plane.  Opportunity for energy healing is endless.  You simply need a sincere curiosity and willingness to learn.  Before you know it, energy work can become one of your most treasured self-care components.

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