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Reiki Psychic Surgery

Reiki Psychic Surgery

Vitality work of the highest level includes psychic surgery. Only those who are third degree specialists and have experience should even consider such an act, but even this should be undertaken with great amounts of questioning and self-reflection.

Psychic surgery can be used to heal very stubborn blocks that have not responded to gentler forms of healing over time. It has been used for physical ailments predominantly, but can be focused on spiritual and emotional issues as well. Reiki psychic surgery combines several healing techniques with Reiki and intuition to bring about healing.

Reiki psychic surgery takes place under Archangel Raphael’s guidance because he is the master healer of the angelic realm. To help a client through Reiki psychic healing, you must be able to put aside all logic and trust solely in intuition. Only when you are totally surrendered will Raphael work, making it seem effortless. Raphael is the chief surgeon, we are simply there to assist.

Risks versus Benefits

Psychic surgery is used when nothing else is helping. It is unnecessary in most cases and can cause negative symptoms if used without cause. This means before using this method, the risks and benefits should be closely assessed. If the benefits win, then proceed.


  • Prepare the area with a thorough physical cleaning and then cleanse by drawing Dai Ko Myo and Cho Ku Rei on all areas that you feel guided toward as you prepare.
  • Place an oracle card or picture of archangel Raphael and others you connect to around the room.
  • Play soothing music and allow incense or candles to burn.
  • Make sure water is readily available.
  • Center yourself and request Raphael’s help and guidance. Further, request your personal guides and angels to shield you in protective light for safe energies.
  • Ask the client to enter and lie down so you can scan their aura to find where the energy is stuck or just heavy.
  • You may also ask the client to clarify where energies appear to be stuck.
  • If there is a specific organ or body part causing issues, still scan the aura to locate blocks as these can be away from the body part that is affected. Each area must be addressed independently to create full healing.
  • Assess each block and remove it using the violet flame.
  • Depending on the type of block, use your hands to mimic those actions of surgery to repair it. Cut, stitch, or drill, metaphorically, to remove and repair. Allow the archangel Raphael to guide as you play around with the energy. Make no mistakes.
  • Between energy blocks, both you and the client need to drink water and rest.
  • If you get overwhelmed, ask Raphael to take over as you rest, go back when you are ready.
  • All blocks do not require clearing in a single session. When you feel the need to stop, do so and let the body adjust. Do not try to force healing beyond what there is time for.
  • Make sure the areas that are worked on are filled with healing energy by requesting Raphael for his healing green light through your palms.
  • Proceed with a full body healing using Reiki with special attention on the areas that were cleared earlier. Strengthen weak chakras with the corresponding colors a needed.
  • Once this is finished, wrap the client in a cocoon of Reiki light as needed and draw the master and power symbols on that cocoon. This seals the healing.
  • Request that Raphael stay with the client as long as needed. If the client is asleep, leave them to rest. Once they are awake make sure you are both drinking plenty of water.

Post Healing

As your client awakes and is ready to leave, encourage them to continue working on healing the root cause of the original issue. There is an underlying cause to disease and imbalance, until this is healed the blocks will return. If the root cause is known or came up during healing and need further information, an angel card reading can help. Discuss findings with your client and offer steps that could help in the future.


Lots of negative energy is released during this type of psychic surgery so cleanse the healing area well after, especially if it is to be used again. Burn incense throughout the room. Draw the master and power symbol on the same places as before and place balls of reiki in each corner. A large ball in the center of the room can keep energy flowing.

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