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Learning to Astral Project

Learning to Astral Project

We are all simply souls that are currently having a physical experience which means there is more to life than what we can sense with our five senses. When we work to develop our sixth sense or extrasensory perception, ESP, we can access special gifts others miss. The article is to teach people how to astral project by developing your extrasensory perception. The skills shared are not limited to astral projection, but can also be applied to meditation, dream analysis, manifestation, and more. A little intuition and lots of practice can help anyone access the spiritual realm using astral projection. Pique your curiosity about astral projection by reading on.

Astral Projection Explained

Astral projection is an intentional awareness of the consciousness leaving your body as your soul enters a spiritual plane. When someone astral projects, they can see themselves in physical form as they float above their body. This is not scary because you can re-enter your body whenever you choose. It is important to try astral projection at least once because we live in a material world and it is easy to believe that it is all that exists. There is an intangible spiritual realm that lives alongside our material world and when astral projecting, that spiritual side is where we go.

There are many practical reasons people astral project, but some of the more common ones include:

  • To free the soul
  • To learn more about existence as a human
  • To sharpen intuition
  • To see time in a non-linear manner
  • To temporarily leave the physical world behind
  • To relearn the true value of life

Only try astral projection when the physical body is in a safe space, when you can relax, and be interruption free. As you improve in your astral projection, keep in mind it is about intention. The reasons you connect with the astral plane is always spiritual, so know your reason ahead of time.

Step by Step Guide

Once you have prepared your mind and body for astral projection, follow the steps below to start.

  • Affirmations – Begin with a positively phrased intention or affirmation, that is simple like “I will astral project” or “I will enter a higher state of consciousness.”
  • Relax – Lie down so that you are in a relaxed position. Focus on your body and breathing as if meditating. Relax all your muscles as you focus on all your body sensations. Close your eyes and allow the mind to enter a sleep-like state as your thoughts drift. Stay as still as possible.
  • Higher Vibrational State – Being able to stay in the half-awake and half-asleep state is the key to entering a higher vibrational state to astral project. If you do fall asleep, it is okay and you can try again, but if you can hold the trance state, do so and keep going.
  • Visualize – As you reach a higher state, imagine a silver rope attached to your physical body. The rope can come from your center torso or the crown chakra as it connects your body and soul. The cord has always been present, you are just taking notice. It is your rope, so pay attention to its weight, thickness, and size. Grab it and pull your soul out of your physical body.
  • Experiences – As you feel yourself floating free of your physical body, you may feel as if you are floating farther out into the spiritual dimension. This is astral projection. What you will see and encounter is unique to each person. Some people meet spiritual guides or past loved ones. All experiences are valid.
  • Come Back – Some people automatically come back, but if not pull yourself back using the silver rope. Your first projections may be short as it is common that excitement ends the journey. Process the experience and prepare to try again a different day. This is a practice designed to increase your knowledge of celestial wisdom and anyone can try it.

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