Is Reiki Also Known As Channeled Energy?


NO. Not in the way “channeling” is generally known to people and understood. When people discuss about channeling, it seems like, they’re talking about connecting onto something at a distance and bringing it to where they are. A psychic “channeling” Edgar Cayce, for example, or Archangel Gabriel. Presumably, Edgar and Gabriel are two discrete entities in two different locations … and, to channel them, you would have to create a channel (a line, a pipeline, a canal of some kind) between each of them and yourself. I’m absolutely sure that’s not how Reiki works.

If we say that Reiki’s natural habitat is another dimension, and that we channel it from that dimension … well, I can’t even quite agree with that – because we’re still not channeling it anywhere, we’re only activating it in the dimension where it lives.

A lot of Reiki people talk about “bringing Reiki down from above” … and how it enters their body through the crown, flows to the heart and through the arms and then out through the palms when they put their hands on something. That’s what I was taught, in fact. But I don’t believe that’s what really happens – even though it may feel that way (the power of suggestion is powerful indeed : ^ ). Just as, when we “send” Reiki to someone at a distance, we are not really sending anything from Point A to Point B. This can be seen just by noticing that no time elapses between the “sending” and the “receiving” – even if sender and receiver are thousands of miles apart.

That bit of evidence alone makes it pretty clear that Reiki is not a part of our 4-dimensional world (3 Spatial dimensions + Time). The simplest, most literal translation of the word reiki is “spirit energy” (rei 靈 ki 氣) – and in the spiritual dimension there is no Time, no Space. We’ll see very soon (in this article) that Time and Space come after Reiki, in the sequence of creation.

An Energy, or a Level of Consciousness?

I would like people to start seeing Reiki as a level of consciousness. Of course we can say, “everything is energy” … and that “everything” includes levels of consciousness. But I think we get a more accurate understanding of Reiki when we see it as a level of consciousness or a state of being – or as an aspect of self.

reiki 1Over the years, I’ve received some valuable insights (in addition to other information) from Reiki teacher Dave King. Dave has learned from several Japanese teachers in Japan, and he told me once that his Japanese teachers had described Reiki not as an energy per se but as an aspect of self. I think that’s an accurate description and a helpful one to keep in mind…..

Here’s the way I see it: Reiki is everywhere – within every wave-particle of our world; within every wave-particle of us.* But it’s not in the Space-Time dimension. Reiki is an earlier step in the process of the creation of All That Is. Reiki is essential and indispensable in the process of creation and continued existence of every wave-particle that ever comes into being in our world!

 * I use the term “wave-particle” because everything is made of light, and we know that light acts as both wave and particle.

HERE’S my understanding of the sequence of manifestation: The Source Of All (Great Spirit, God, The Unmanifest) is beginningless and endless, Pure Being. This is “Tao” (道) in Chinese and “Shin” (神) in Japanese. The very first manifestation of Shin is Shin-ki (神氣 – “God-energy” or “Source-energy”). From that comes Rei-ki (靈氣 – “spirit-energy”). From that comes Ji-ki (磁氣 – magnetism) … which leads to Den-ki (電氣 – electricity).

From magnetism and electricity come everything else in our electromagnetic world – including Space and Time! **

Now that we see that Reiki is a step in the sequence of creation … does it make sense to believe that we “bring Reiki down” from the atmosphere and that it flows into our body from there? How could we take the atmosphere’s Reiki (the Reiki that was essential in creating the atmosphere) away from it? If we could and we did, how could the atmosphere continue to exist? (If you have a recipe for making bread, and you take out a step in the recipe, you no longer end up with bread – right? : ^ )

So … I think, when we access Reiki, we are accessing it from its own dimension within whatever we are putting our hands on (or putting our attention on). If I “give” Reiki to my foot, I’m not taking Reiki from the atmosphere and putting it into my foot – I’m putting myattention in my foot and setting my consciousness at the Reiki level, accessing and activating the Reiki dimension and its role in the ongoing creation of my foot…!

Likewise, when I “send” Reiki to someone in Zimbabwe … Reiki is not going from me to Zimbabwe; my consciousness is accessing and activating the Reiki dimension within that person in Zimbabwe.

And, when we feel that Reiki is moving from place to place in our body, for instance – what’s really happening is that our attention is moving from place to place, activating the Reiki in each place as it goes (kind of like some electric signs, which give an appearance of something in motion, but are really just patterns of stationary light bulbs going on and off in sequence). Or, we are simply tuned into the Reiki dimension throughout the body, and the Reiki is activating in a pattern of its own…. : ^ )

Clearly, Reiki is a state of being, a level of consciousness, a dimension or aspect of self. It occurs above or before the stage of electromagnetism – which is yin-and-yang-chasing-each-other-in-circles! And, to the degree that we keep ourselves in the Reiki dimension (or higher), we can stay out of that whirlpool – being “in the world but not of the world.” As more and more of us spend more time in the higher dimensions of Reiki and Shinki, the whole world is changing faster and faster.