Reasons Why Psychics Use the Term ‘Intuitives”

Reasons Why Psychics Use the Term 'Intuitives

You may see the word “intuitive” to describe psychics online or in-person these days. More and more with psychic abilities are changing the language to call themselves intuitive instead. There may be those who wonder why.

Modern Approaches

Psychics use much more than natural mental abilities to answer questions. They also have tools such as tarot cards, angel cards, or even the Runes. These things help them channel energy to create a path for guidance. The guidance given through these methods is then practically applied by the psychic to apply it to real-life thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Psychics are changing their image to those on the internet to include more than just claims of a higher mental power to reach those who are more skeptical in the digital age. The word intuitive works better to include all these methods.

The History of Words

One reason psychics want to rebrand their abilities is simply how the world has changed in its views of spiritual aspects. The term “psychic” tends to conjecture up images of a fortune-teller or some other sketchy person in a backwoods home providing readings by candlelight.

In actually, many psychics have their own business and operate on the internet and with remote readings as much as in person.

The word psychic is one in a long line of retired words in their realm. Words like a seer, soothsayer, oracle, prophetess, and others are not used as they once word.

Seer and soothsayer refer to those who see the truth or the future of reality but stem from the 14th to 17th centuries. Oracle and prophetess date back to ancient times. The Latin term of oracle goes back to before Christ when Greeks traveled to the Delphic Oracle to seek guidance. There they would make animal sacrifices to seek grace from the Oracle to provoke them to answer their questions.

Fortune-teller was used in the late 16th century but is now reserved for those providing entertainment along a boardwalk.

The Rise of Self Empowerment

It used to be that psychics were considered gifted with special powers. Their abilities were a gift from the gods. Today, most psychics and spiritualists believe that everyone has these powers but they remain latent because humans aren’t trained to awaken and use them.

So, psychic powers are now seen as more normal. Updating it to modern society, they are rebranded as intuitive or empathic. Changing the terminology to remove true psychics from past perceptions and imagery helps move universal energy positively into the future.

Making it more comfortable for people to explore these gifts will allow seekers to get the answers and healing they need. It will also empower them to use their latent abilities to move through the future.


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