Empaths and Vampires

Empaths and Vampires

An emotional vampire is a person that is toxic to us and that will drain us of all the positive energies that we have and leave us feeling tired, depressed and worried.  They are able to feed off of our emotions in order to help them feel better.

When there is a person that is an empath, he or she will be very sensitive, and they are mostly targeted by emotional vampires because their emotions are so strong.

An emotional vampire is a toxic person that causes us to be unsafe and causes us to not have enough self-care in order to be around them.  An empath can leave feeling anxious and depressed or even scared.  They cause people to lose their mental being and to have strong emotions that become negative over time.

A narcissist or a sociopath is an emotional vampire and they use their psychological mindset to hurt others, and they tend to be self-centered and only care about what they are feeling.

An empath is highly sensitive and when they are around these types of people it can cause them to leave feeling terrible and drained.  Sometimes, they even feel sick.


There are many signs that you have to watch out for when dealing with an emotional vampire.

Depleting You

Being around someone is toxic can cause you to feel bad and can cause you to feel that you are sick, and you are upset.  They can come out of nowhere.

They will take what you have and give you their hopelessness and they will have no empathy for what they are doing to you.  They will take your energy and you will no longer be able to focus on positive things.

These people want to manipulate you and make you do things for them and meet just their needs.

Presence in Affect

Even when you are done talking or being around an energy vampire, their draining powers stay on you.  They will leave you feeling emotionally tired and they will cause you to question who you are.  They will use drama and their mindset to leave you depressed and down.


After you are away from an energy vampire for a while, you will find that you are able to recoup.  You will feel that you have a weight lifted off of your shoulders and you will feel renewed and better.  If you do find that you have to interact with them again, you will not be able to deal with their chaos.

Small Conversations

Even the tiniest conversations leave you feeling confused and upset.  They will not take responsibility for their actions and they refuse to answer you with real answers.  They have no respect for you and are defensive when you say something about their behavior.


An emotional vampire will feed off of your positive energy and make you feel like you have lost all good things about yourself.  You will not longer have self-confidence and you will feel sadness instead of joy.

An energy vampire can turn you into an energy vampire by their actions, just like a real vampire can turn a person into a vampire.  The more you are around their toxic behavior, the worse things will get and the more emotional you will be.

When someone is a victim of a narcissist, they will see the toxic traits that that person has. An empath has the hardest time dealing with toxic behavior and they will be the prey to the predator when they deal with these types of people.

Filling Their Own Needs

An emotional vampire will only be one sided meaning that they only care about themselves.  They will be happy when they take over the conversation and turn it into something negative.  They will never consider how you feel, and they will try to control everything that is going on in the room.


Emotional vampires want to cause you to be a victim.  They know that you have things in order in your life and they are jealous of this.  They want to have what you have, and they want to do away with your success instead of celebrating it.

Ploys and Schemes

These people can do something to try to ruin you such as praising someone other than you and attempting to hide the good things about you.  They will make a name for who they are and will take the spotlight from you or anyone that is good.

What to Do

When you are part of an emotional vampire’s life, you have to make sure to cut them off as much as you can.  Do not be in contact with them and stop going around them.  This can help you to be free from them emotionally.

Don’t reason with these types of people because it will never work.  When you have experienced them, do something that will give you life such as go for a walk, go into nature, take a workout class or do whatever you can to reach your goals, dreams and your happiness.

Detox yourself from these types of people and hang out with people that are really your friends and not people that want to steal your joy.


  1. The analogy between emotional and energy vampires is quite fitting. It highlights how deeply these interactions can affect an individual’s emotional state.

  2. The suggested strategies for dealing with emotional vampires are practical. Engaging in self-care activities is a beneficial recommendation.

  3. It’s vital to recognize that cutting off contact with toxic individuals is sometimes necessary for one’s mental health and overall well-being.

  4. Understanding narcissists and sociopaths as emotional vampires can provide clarity on why certain relationships feel so draining.

  5. This article provides a detailed description of emotional vampires and their impact. It’s important to use these insights to protect our mental health.

  6. The concept of emotional vampirism is intriguing, particularly how it affects empaths. It seems crucial to recognize these behaviors early on.


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