Developing Your Intuition with Exercises

Developing Your Intuition with Exercises

People that work out and take care of their body will more than likely be happier and will feel better than other people. Just like working out, people that take charge of their intuition and develop it more will learn to be happier and will also feel better than those that don’t.

If you want to increase your intuition, you can keep a journal that can help you to know when you see your intuition and when you miss something:

Working with Your Intuition

  • Sit in a quiet and comfortable place.
  • Count and breathe in and exhale out.
  • Once you are relaxed, think of things that you want to know more about.
  • Focus on the situation for a while.
  • Ask your intuition to show you more about your future.
  • Let things go.

Working Indirectly with Your Intuition

  • Have a paper and pen.
  • Find out what you need in your life.
  • Write it three times and imagine that you are looking for the meaning each time.
  • Once you finished your questions, put your pen, and draw a symbol on your paper.
  • Figure out what the symbol means to you.

Subtle Messages

  • Pay attention to your sixth sense.
  • Imagine that your skin, hands, ears, emotions, and all can give you wisdom.
  • Walk away and be more sensitive.

Using Senses for Information

  • Write down a date on the calendar.
  • When the date comes, go in the car, and just stop driving.
  • Do not listen to the first few ideas but wait for the idea that makes you feel relaxed and calm.
  • Go there and see what happens.

Intuitive Eyes

  • Sit in a quiet place.
  • Let your face muscles come to rest.
  • Inhale and exhale in a beat.
  • Let your inner eyes imagine something that makes you happy.

Intuitive Ears

  • Pretend that you can hear songs inside of your head that you mention.
  • Listen to what you hear and name the song.


  • Before going to bed, put a pen and paper by you.
  • Ask your intuition to give you a dream that will help you in life.
  • Ask as much as you can before falling asleep.
  • When you wake up, write down what you remember.
  • Look at what you wrote down and receive it.


  • Ask yourself questions about what you would do if your intuition was strong.
  • Ask questions that you can about your internal being.


  • Find a quiet place to relax.
  • Mention something that you really love.
  • Use your imagination to go to that place.
  • Inhale and exhale.
  • Allow your heart to feel the place you are visiting.
  • Return to your head while you focus on your breathing.
  • Use your intuition to understand how you felt.

Real Situations

  • On a sunny day, go out and ask questions about what has not happened yet.
  • Look at your question and see how valuable it is to you.
  • Ask a real question and write it down.