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Find Out About Your Past Life

Using Your Body to Find Out About Your Past Life

According to some beliefs, the idea that human souls keep living and are moved to different bodies at different places and during different times is called reincarnation.

Reincarnation is a religious belief that has been around for years and it is not as popular in the west as it is in the east. Karma is considered part of the original sin and the idea that the energy from karma comes from one lifetime to the next and when you meet people that you have incarnated with before, this can be someone that you have karmic relationships with because of history that you never resolved.

There are different religions that believe that we are thinking certain ways and acting certain ways because of the energy and because we want to reach a higher place in our life. We work constantly to learn about what we want in life and the experiences that we have can cause us to remember our past lives.

People that are not religious even sometimes believe in things like reincarnation and they do what they can to remember things about their past life. There are some people that are both adults and children that can remember things from their past that they would not know unless they lived in a different life.

How do you find out who you are in your past life? As hard as it might be to figure it out, it is not as hard as you might expect.

Why Reincarnation?

If you want to understand who you were in the past, you have to first learn to understand reincarnation. This is where your soul, a part of your energy field, is like other energy and it never dies. Even when your body passes on, the energy that is inside of you just moves to a different life and it moves to a place or a thing that has the same vibration that it has. This can be a person that had a good life and was kind and loving and then their vibrations would be very high, and they would move to a good life. If someone had a life where they mistreated others, they would go to a life that would be hard so that they could learn their lesson and choose to be better.

Finding Out Who You Were

There is no definite way to find out who you were in the past life, but you can use your intuition and your feelings to help you. This can mean that you get past your regression and you learn about who you are.

Why Can I Not Remember My Past Life?

When you change to a new life, you get a covering over you and this means that your thoughts and memories are completely cleared out. Some believe that this is why they cannot remember being born and why they have blank places in their memory of some parts of their life. This happens so that they can fix their karma.

If we knew what had happened before, we would stay stuck int hose lives and we would never change or become better.


Some people are able to remember small things through their intuition. They can even sometimes remember specific events or times of something, or they are sometimes attracted to different places or styles.

If someone has a very strong interest in history, chances are that they had lived through that history or some kind of war and they feel familiar with it.


One way that you can figure out your past life memories is by seeing a therapist or a psychic. They can help you get through traumatic events that you might have had in your life.

Regression happens and when you meditate and you are guided, you can use the feelings that you have to bring back memories that you have pushed away. Since your past life is part of your energy surrounding, you might not be aware of it. Instead, you will have different feelings of something from a different life.

Past life regression can work for those that are fearful of things and they don’t know why, or they have a hard time moving forward in things such as relationships.

When you go through past life regression and you remember things from your past, you can begin to heal, and you can experience new things in your life.


If you cannot reach your Third eye and use your intuition to tap into your past life, you can reach through kinesiology. This will be someone that will be there to help you to tap into your energy and see how you react in your body.

If your body becomes tight, you will have your body saying no and this can mean that you have strong feelings.

You have to make sure that you have someone that is a professional when you do this so that you can come back fast if you need to. Make sure that you pay attention to what works the best for you and ask your professional different questions and see how your body responds. Your body doesn’t have to think about the answers because it already knows what is happening.

Past life regression is good for people that have hard issues in their life that they can’t work through. This kind of therapy isn’t for everyone and when you want to move forward in your life, getting regression can be positive and can help you to move forward in your life.

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