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Preparing Yourself For Reiki Attunement

attunementEvery one can be initiated to Reiki. The attunement process enables the recipient to permanently open and connect to the Universal Reiki Energies on mental, physical, emotional and psychic level. It also clears and balances many important energy channels within the body.

A Reiki attunement is an initiation to open up crown, heart, and palm chakras to allow Reiki energies to flow through. A period of purification before the attunement is suggested to aid this process.

List of Preparations:
  1. Take special care in selecting your Reiki instructor.
  2. Schedule your class date at least one week in advance.
  3. Eliminate (or reduce) intake of meat, fowl, or fish from your diet 3 days prior to your class date.
  4. Consider doing a water or juice fast for 1 to 3 days prior to the attunement.
  5. Consume no alcohol for at least 3 days prior to the attunement.
  6. images (28)If you are on any type of medication continue to take it as prescribed prior to and on the day of attunement.
  7. Smokers should take care to smoke as little as possible for the day prior to the class date and on the day of the attunement.
  8. Drink plenty of water.
  9. Find moments (hours) of solitude. Meditation and spending time with nature (walks, sitting beside streams, etc.)
  10. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t tackle any tasks that will deplete your energies.
  11. Avoid outside stimulation (tv, radio, computers, newspapers).
  12. Cleanse your aura prior to class.
  13. Get a good night’s rest the evening before your class. In the morning if you are not fasting, eat a light healthy breakfast.

download (20)Tips:

1. Daily prayers / connection with your inner guidance is recommended during this period.

2. Be prepared for a 21 day cleansing period following the attunement process.

3. If you are in a doctor’s care you may wish to have him/her re-evaluate dosages of medicines being used after the 21 day purging/balancing period.

4. If you are traveling to a distant town for your attunement consider that you may not feel up to driving home. Have an alternate plan to stay overnight at a motel.

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